Molten Metal Squirtgun!

Molten Metal Squirtgun!

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20 Responses

  1. George04RO. says:

    U just made a little mirror πŸ˜€

  2. UB-420 MeMeLoRd says:


  3. Tommy Wiseau says:

    Shoot somebody with it *for science*.

  4. Shama the Savage Llama says:

    I thought that Squirt guns were meant to cool you down, not to melt you…

  5. Robert Dodd says:

    Where’s matt from offtheranch he was filming you before you did this why is he not in the vid.

  6. Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" says:

    Looks like it’s time to upgrade the Super Soaker 🌭

  7. Greggory Lee says:

    *M O L T E N C O R E*

  8. Johnny G says:

    he looks like a boy version of Ellen

  9. Better than you says:

    so u could shoot out lava with it?

  10. TheBackyardScientist says:

    <<<<<--------- Click on my picture surprise for you !!!

  11. Mystic_ says:

    this is no squirtgun that you would shoot at people with

  12. Adrian Lemic says:

    I think those hot dogs where roasted…

    Didnt get the joke. You are ok…

  13. Abyssic1 says:

    try to play some music on your coil.

  14. Zk Hydro says:

    Give up the plans… for both. I want them for myself.

  15. Experimentar En Casa says:

    Absolutely beautiful video and idea too Kevin!
    Keep the great work. Love your videos

    Btw, let me suggest you to put the computar lens at at least 2.8 aperture for less softness in the image / even if perfectly focused.

    Regards buddy πŸ˜€

  16. Kyithios says:

    So, did police show up to question why you had a flamethrower?

  17. Kainkun says:

    can you turn the tesla coil into a zeusaphone?

  18. Art Guy says:

    XD the tesla has a fidget spinner

  19. The Noobie And the Scientist says:

    yeah please do a tutorial on the Tesla coil

  20. mehdi rejali says:


    that actually looked like a ray hitting a crystal in the holly wood movies

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