Molten Steel Exploding at 10,000fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Molten Steel Exploding at 10,000fps – The Slow Mo Guys

In the first video on this channel lit entirely by the moon and some nails, Gav and Dan demonstrate the awe inspiring result of whacking some molten steel with a cricket bat. – Use code “slowmoguys” for 100 free blades when buying the razor!
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Molten Steel Exploding at 10,000fps – The Slow Mo Guys

“Black Vortex” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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24 Responses

  1. The Slow Mo Guys says:

    For those wondering, the camera recording our regular footage is the Sony A7SIII. Its ability to achieve relatively low levels of noise at high ISOs combined with the f0.95 lens means that under the light of the full moon, we basically have colour night vision.

    • Addison_Reilly says:

      It looks unbelievably cool

    • Tokha Tarantino says:

      Come on, you HAVE to give us some google disk link or something with the original of this video!

    • Splarkszter says:

      Why this wasn’t uploaded in HDR???????

    • JustSOMETHIN... says:

      I’m waiting for One second to one hour part 3! Is it coming??? I would love to see another video on the topic!

    • Joseph Taylor says:

      I’m sure by now you’ve realized those shining lights at the beginning that were distracting Gav are stars. You could clearly see Orion’s Belt and once you saw that. The other 4 main stars of the constellation were evident.

  2. Overly Sarcastic Productions says:

    that clear shot of the full Orion constellation in a blue day-looking sky isn’t even the point of the video and yet it has immediately sold me better than any ad -R

  3. Nicolas Morris says:

    Truthfully, this entire video is an award winning video masterpiece. It’s not often that we see night videography at this high of an exposure. And the slo mo was just utterly unbeatable- could easily be the best I’ve ever seen.

    • Mahbeiserts says:

      Dude for real. I would order an uncompressed (or lightly?) bluray of even just this one video to see it like Gav can in editing. That last shot reveal could be one of the most beautiful and bad ass things I’ve ever seen in my life.

  4. Blobfish says:

    I love how much Dan is just happy to be here and supporting Gav in this one. Complimenting his hits, successful triggering of shots, and even how good he looks. Wholesome boys being wholesome. 😄

    • Curious_Cat says:

      Yeah, it’s so cool seeing him being supportive. I think he probably feels “guilty” for not being able to do the physical part like he always does, he seems to have injured his hand again and so couldn’t pick up the bat.

    • 0x2A says:

      It’s something I have always loved about these two, just good friends being good friends 🙂

  5. AGNisworse says:

    there’s a reason you have 14.7M subscribers, and it’s because you do awesome stuff like this

  6. SmegPod says:

    I’m absolutely stunned just by how amazing that night-time footage looks

  7. Sachin Kt says:

    It’s look like all of VFX artist in world gathered and created one masterpiece.
    It’s so satisfying and mind-blowing at a same time.
    Love you guys ❤

  8. Craig Duncan says:

    I think that has to be one of the most visually stunning things I’ve witnessed on this channel. It almost looked like a galaxy being created. Just beautiful to watch.

  9. PureRushXevus says:

    2:15 the amount of positive reinforcement and support from dan is incredible

  10. Tama Green says:

    Its crazy to me how you can film in the dark and have it look like its twilight without grain, and the stars in a slightly blue sky look incredible. I also cant help but think of Back to The Future when I see you guys wearing the suits lmao

    • staticradio724 says:

      Just what I was thinking. Walking around in the middle of an abandoned field, wearing those silver space suits, passers-by must have though they were filming for Doctor Who lol

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