Mommy Wants to Play! || Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 (Playthrough #1)

Mommy Wants to Play! || Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 (Playthrough #1)

Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 has arrived. This is part 1 of a full playthrough of Poppy Playtime Chapter 2. Can we escape survive Mommy Long Legs and the other killer toys residing within Playtime Co? Watch on to find out…

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33 Responses

  1. Shel says:

    My initial thoughts about Kissy Missy is that she’s friendly, I find it curious that, unlike Huggy, she seems like she doesn’t properly control her body, she also looked worried for our character.

    • Craz 25 says:

      @E = E well, she has no bones

    • 〈 Spyrimon 〉 says:

      If she’s not on our side, this game will be almost fully ruined for me. /hj

    • If_Humans Had_Names says:

      I think that she won’t be a bad character, but that she will annoy the player. By getting in the way, during the game. Oooor she’ll be a helpful character, helping you get to places. But a pretty cool idea would be if you play as her/with her, like Freddy in Security Breach

    • SQUADS BOYS says:

      @E = E hey

    • Evelyn Ray says:

      @lierbag olegna onnares I know 😂

  2. Archiivist says:

    “She seems kinda vulnerable” really got me thinking! It looks like Poppy is a porcelain doll just based on appearance, and she is the smallest creature in game. A tiny, porcelain doll wandering around a huge factory with larger and more active toys? Someone could have placed Poppy in that case to protect her from the factory and it’s inhabitants.

    That doesn’t account for why there were so many frantic written warnings to keep Poppy enclosed though. I’d guess she has an incredibly dangerous ability despite her fragile form that freaked people out.

    I like her and I want her to be a good guy, but narratively I don’t think it’s likely she’ll turn out to be our friend unfortunately:/ here’s hoping to being proven wrong!

    • SQUADS BOYS says:

      Yeahahhahahagha I have been to

    • Archiivist says:

      Ok, spoilers for people reading this chain who haven’t seen the end of this chapter!

      Yeah, looking at the end of this chapter it seems pretty explicit Poppy is forced in that case because she wants to harm things. She doesn’t seem entirely evil, I agree- nice until you cross her! She seems to have a goal that might involve killing the other toys(she seemed pleased and expecting that you killed mommy), so maybe she was just way more homicidal towards staff/other toys & they put her in the case. Loving hearing all of these theories, everyone has interesting points to consider!

    • anything youcando says:

      I wonder if poppy (the flower) is related to Poppy? Like she is the source of life for the other toys.

    • Mr.TechnicalIsolate says:

      (Huge spoilers at the end of the game)

      It turns out she didn’t let the player leave.

    • Corporal Cardiolog says:

      @mercer holt Probably more like an animalistic evil, like usually friendly, until you cross her.

  3. Shimmering Sea says:

    Theory: The “games” in the Game Station are tests put by the scientists to see who are the best candidates (out of the children) to do experiments on…and possibly turn into things like Huggy Wuggy?

  4. • SØBÆ • says:

    Poppy is so cute! But there’s a part of me that doesn’t trust her yet, I feel like the game can’t be this simple when it comes to plot right? Unless it is, which in that case, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it at all- I really appreciate this game overall so far :))

  5. Ghostgirl 708 says:

    Im sad to see the creators of Poppy Playtime aren’t the best people- because the team of the game have talent in absolute spades. These people who work on this game, the voice actors, the modelers, artists, animators, they are all insanely talented! The animation is so smooth, the dynamic voice actings so good, and the whole team really do such a amazing job with the entire environment. They also work insanely fast, considering the changes from just 2 months ago from the trailer to now, since its almost completely different in so many areas! Im honestly separating the heads of the company with the team behind the game, because these people are so talented, and I’d rather support the team than the heads of the company

    • Angelin Jesslyn Pianto says:

      What company?

    • Subject Keter says:

      For me.. IDK man cuz someone is getting forked, is it fair to “punish” workers cuz of their bosses and doesnt that make you a bad person for being so.. ready to condeem people for “picking a side”?

      Also i dont care about their stuff just their work.

    • •RF Production• says:




  6. Brian Logan says:

    Jack has voice acted in quite a few indie games. It’s quite heart warming to see

  7. Joninski says:

    Despite her nature, Poppy actually looked kinda funny and adorable when she first confronts you lol.

  8. EonNite says:

    The characters are so cute in these games, man. Poppy, Mommy, Kissy. They’re all so adorable…And yet very unsettling. I think if I were a patron of that place I’d admire them from a distance.

  9. mondenkindqueen says:

    Just realized something. In the first trailer, in the musical memory room, that flower that was on the founders desk was used as a placeholder for Bunzo. They still kept the model around though.

  10. ?GLitcHhOuL? says:

    _As much as I dislike being involved with the game due to the drama the developers have been in, this game keeps leaving you with amazing cliffhangers and the game seems to be so fun that it leaves you wanting for more. I hate that_

    _But sometimes you just have to separate the art from the artist, I guess_

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