MONEY Explained by Non-Experts | Thomas Sanders

MONEY Explained by Non-Experts | Thomas Sanders

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Money: we need it. We want more of it. And it’s a mysterious treasure to obtain! Joan and I, once again, join forces to answer your most pressing questions about the world of money because we are your personal finance EXPERTS!! Please enjoy our ridiculous and pointless spouting of misinformation on the subject!!

Thank you so much to my amazing friend, Joan, for assisting me on this video!!

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63 Responses

  1. Thomas Sanders says:

    Hope you all enjoy this mish-mash of ridiculousness!! Comment what other books from Audible you’d like me to check out!

  2. ThnksFrTh TwentyØnePhallØutDiscøs says:

    Joan: “relax, it’s Mountain Dew: Code Red”

    Me: *reenacts entire scene from Be More Chill in my bedroom*

  3. Awkward Mīku says:

    7:30 “Purple, Pink, and gay.”

  4. ThnksFrTh TwentyØnePhallØutDiscøs says:

    can I just say: I died when Joan started singing Sarah Smiles

  5. GalacticMia says:

    DanAndPhilGAMES and Thomas Uploaded at the same time, and I couldn’t choose which to watch first…Choices…

  6. rainbow draenei says:

    I have lived in taxes for 7 months and I’m already swirling in my massive crippling debt.

  7. Zoeannaart -Zilahtov says:

    ‘ I don’t care about getting judging looks from Jackson!’
    ‘ it’s worth one snake pelt.’
    ‘I will be your emotional laxative ‘

  8. max says:

    I want gay money and to drink nonalcoholic drinks out of a flask with a straw.

  9. IcyIndigo says:

    When Thomas and Joan were getting ready to kiss, I was like, “YES! 👏 THIS 👏 IS 👏 IT! 👏 Then it didn’t happen… and I’m ok with that.

  10. Boop Boop says:

    Joan on the phone who broke their bone and now they can’t move a muscle.

  11. Thomas Hall says:

    7:32 not only is canadian money gay, it’s also HOLO!!!!!


  12. Candy Books says:

    you guys missed you chance of saying that the founding fathers all sold their souls to make horcruxes

  13. SHUT UP HEATHER- says:

    You heard it hear folks, Canadian money is gay

  14. Hey Buddy says:

    the purp…it is nearly gone…what ever shall we do

  15. Sunset Kittypanda says:

    Is anybody else obsessed with Hamilton because I can’t stop listening. And Hamilton is not a good man because HE CHEATED ON ELIZA AND SHE IS AWESOME. Ok I still think he is a good man but he still doesn’t deserve her I mean all she did for him.
    Especially in the last song when she talked about her time being up and how she didn’t say “ will they tell my story” she said “will they tell your story” and that just melted my heart ❤️.

    • Angel Miller says:


    • Sophia Hearts says:


    • Julia Felipe says:

      Okay, so not a lot of people agree with me. BUT HE WAS STILL GOOD. He made one mistake that got repeated for a while. He just couldn’t say no *Say No To This playing in the background*

    • Kiana Gardner says:

      Eliza! Take your time my love.

      Me: *crying like crazy*

    • Julia Felipe says:

      You have to admit, Even though he cheated on Eliza when The World Was Wide Enough came on and Hamilton was singing the most emotional part (in my opinon) “My love take your time. I’ll see you on the other side. Raise a glass to freedom” *BANG* you cried.

  16. Glyssando says:

    Thomas why are you wearing a tie? I thought Logan told you not to copy his outfit!

  17. Søft Racøøn says:

    i love that disembodied voice

  18. Jordan, that Weeaboo says:

    7:21 she lives in a world so unaware

  19. Parcus says:

    Your answers make a lot of cents. 🙂

  20. I am a Squash says:

    Okay Jomas (or Toan) is at its PEAK right now!

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