Mo’Nique and Steve Get Real: Part 1

Mo’Nique and Steve Get Real: Part 1

When Mo’Nique stopped by, things got a little heated. Will these two long-time friends agree to disagree?


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71 Responses

  1. 00shyshy says:

    I love when Monique be calling somebody “baby”

  2. Leon Lee says:

    Mo’Nique is a legend!!!! Put some respect on her name!

  3. BrodyyHh says:

    My question to Steve would be what will your family stand on once you’ve abandoned your principles for monetary gain? How will they know how to make an income on their own? Better yet, will they even know how much they’re worth?

    • hfb says:

      BrodyyHh !!!!!!! PLUS the young comedians/entertainers coming up!!! That’s what he wants to teach? To be a slave to money? Like I understand the importance of finances in a capitalist society, but once you have more than enough to take care of your family it’s less about stability and more about vanity. I’m glad MLK’s definition of integrity was different than Steve’s because if he thought, ‘Let me just keep my mouth shut or lie about how I really think about inequality, and take deals from the Pres.’, then we would still be living in the 1950s in this day (not saying our quality of life has progressed significantly better). Steve needs to look at the true definition of integrity, and he showed his lack of integrity with his 2faced-ness!

    • Enni Folorunso says:

      What principles? Not supporting Monique to his detriment are his principles? I’m sure he has bigger fish to fry. Monique is a grown woman who needs to take responsibility for her actions and stop blaming others. Period

    • lazarique hampton says:

      Hey what’s up

    • damez mystery says:

      They stand on the floor he built eith the money he made

  4. Don Jazzy says:

    Basically Steve would rather tap dance than stand by his convictions….lol


      In the show business there is certain people you can put your mouth on and there’s certain people you cannot put your mouth on and she put her mouth on three of the most powerful people in Show Business that brought her career to stop… however forgiveness is everything and all wounds heal over time.. as a result of her statement is causing her family to lack for some seasons. It’s like we have a job and we put our mouths on our boss we got consequences that we will suffer behind this… sometimes it’s just better to be slow to speak and quick to listen day were all going to stand in front of the big boss the real boss those in show business must all meet him some day too ….when it’s all over we will go to a place..the rich n the poor this is all what counts judgement day and how we really treated others did we really forgive those who done us wrong …some never care about heaven they rather gain the whole world now n lose thier soul to gain fame n fortune we must pray my job is never to judge others but praying is one of the most powerful things you can do for others

    • Allegra Logan says:

      You are either under 25 or have no clue!

    • Ruth Ugochukwu says:

      Thank you! Monique is bolder than Steve.

    • snoop5118 says:

      Don Jazzy True, but he tapping his A$$ right to the bank ? ??‍♀️. #TeamSteve

    • Livin' Life With Mickey says:

      FAAAACTSSS AMEN.. he’s just 100 percent wronggg..

  5. No Regrets Baby Just Good Vibes Over Here says:

    Brother and Sister Conversation. We need more REAL RAW conversations like this.????

  6. Jesus Christ Ministry - Prophetess Nicole Lelito says:

    ”He said Were black and just can’t do whatever we want” and this is that mind they have trained us to have. Don’t speak truth because there are consequences. No no just keep kissing knees and bowing down. Smh. I understand both sides but we have got to stop selling out for money or shutting up for it. It’s time for people to open they mouth unapologetically if speaking truth. Period. Peace and Blessings!

    • Rose Robinson says:

      Jesus Christ M inistry – Prophetess Nicole Lelito thats just keeping it real

    • Joi Powell says:

      Rey King You get burned either way so you might as well stand up fir yourself sometimes.

    • High Ranking says:

      Nothing personal just business, all Monique had to do is if Netflix are not offering what she wants, she should have just kept it moving and found offers elsewhere. I think the fact that Monique isn’t getting offers like that is bothering her. So she’s tryna add other parameters like inequality. She’s talking about integrity but she’s been sold out

    • Linda Swanigan says:

      Speak Sister!

    • Mike Carter says:

      High Ranking when you sell your soul too the devil there is no coming back

  7. Claire claudie says:

    Monique is right, she is real, I like her

    • Straight Talk says:

      Me too. I stand with her.

    • Chuck Bowden says:

      Lisa Love Whose to say she wasn’t professional in the beginning? We weren’t there and I’m speaking from experience when I said what I said. I was professional and also firm with my viewpoint. And still got casted as the “troublemaker” because I spoke up about inequality. Everyone else was afraid to lose their job even though they felt the same way. I didnt lose mine but was still being watched. It was hard to bite my tongue and dance for people who didnt give a damn about me and my viewpoint. But I did even after the fact. They just wanted me to shut up and make them that money. I stayed for my kids and Yea, I made good money but was it worth it, NO! Success and power is what YOU make it! So if you feel you need to work under someone in order for you to be such, is sad. I know how it feels to be bullied and blackballed by the powers that be because I won’t CONFORM or bow down because you say I should. I don’t like BOSSES that make me or others feel like they have no right to speak their mind when they feel whatever situation is not good for them. RESPECTFULLY. That’s when I knew that place was not for me and I gave them my notice. People are fired or quit everyday. And I don’t give a damn if 15 doors close, one of them will be bound to open. And they have for her, whether y’all know it or not?

    • Allen Reynolds says:

      +Chuck Bowden Try that at your job and see what happens. Tell your employer you can suck my ****. Integrity don’t pay the bills.

    • majohn43 says:

      Real broke because she lacks wisdom.

    • Chuck Bowden says:

      Allen Reynolds I wasn’t saying what she said ON STAGE was right. I’m speaking on her standing her ground BEFORE she went there. And y’all can chill on the being broke crap. Like I said, if staying in a certain situation based on money is your thing, do you. We can agree to disagree.

  8. Precious Clark says:

    Monique gets every black person she speaks with to show their true coonery! First Whoopi now Stevie?

    • haydee dillahunt says:

      But they getting paid and called for opportunities!!! Even Kap took a knee and still beating Monique, In playing the game

    • Tanya Bokelaar says:

      Coonery, they are rich and she is struggling, again when keeping it real goes wrong. I am very direct and outspoken, but some things don’t need to be said, and she got ghetto with her response, and he is right when she went there the narrative switched.

    • Jeannette Draper says:

      She could have expressed her opinion without being disrespectful, recordings conversations, being passive aggressive. And not knowing how to negotiate in terms of her deal with the movie Precious. I understand standing up for yourself, but there is a way to assert yourself without losing your money. She doesn’t have the safety net to act a fool.

  9. The Accomplished One says:

    Guess the money game is about… Having a lack of integrity, a lack of honesty. And a whole bunch of lies… I rather make an honest minimum wage, than play the “money game” Steve speaks of! Seems Godless!

  10. Nickey Mosley says:

    And this is the reason why you can’t trust what people say on the internet to sit here and try to make two beautiful African-American stars look bad like they was arguing and fighting whoever put that rumor out is just disgusting.

  11. Janice Vaughn says:

    I agree with Moe! Moe you are so right!!! When black people people have gotten a little position ! we just bow down to the white man! what she’s really trying to say is stand up for integrity of Who You Are! Love u Monique! Stevie get more educated !

  12. funascanb says:

    This is very “hush! White folks is watching!” of Steve. He’s basically saying that black people have to keep tapping for the white man to keep those checks. Even if it’s true, it damn sure won’t lead to change. Go MoNique!

    • Enni Folorunso says:

      That’s not what he said. If that’s what you got from this, that’s your own mentality.

    • lovechild tre says:


    • snoop5118 says:

      Well if you want to be pro black then do it 100%. Don’t ‘half ass it’. Do her kids go to all black schools? Does she buy clothes and food from all black vendors? Is she a 1040 or 1099 employee? If this is a civil rights issue then go ?%. Honestly, the real issue is that she has too much pride to admit she’s wrong. And if she doesn’t think she could have handled it differently then there are deeper, unresolved issues not related to this. So, go hard or go home ??‍♀️.

    • Sandy Holl says:

      +snoop5118 What are u referring to? She never said she was pro black if you are referring to the Netflix issue.

  13. T tia says:

    There’s not many black celebrities that will do what Monique did. They’re all talk, fake activist. She refusing to tap dance unlike sell out Steve Harvey.

  14. Tashie Wiley says:

    This happen to wanda Sykes too let’s not forget

    • Christopher says:

      Tashie Wiley The BIG difference being Wanda Sykes went to Starz and received a better, larger contract and did not publicly call out Netflix before then. After Monique called out Netflix, other networks were probably hesitant to offer her a contract out of fear of being publicly called out too. Monique should have secured her bag first, then called out Netflix.

  15. King Cole says:

    Ooh if Oprah had come from back stage, I would have fell out!!

  16. Divine Poetry Godess says:

    Respect Monique..period. ???

  17. Pele Kama says:

    If you think Steve Harvey is a sell out, you don’t understand the sacrifices it takes to support and keep your family in order, alongside your money. Steve Harvey is NOT an activist. He is still a hard working man. Folks kill me, yet they don’t work nearly as hard as this man. He still works multiple jobs as a host.

    • KingCetshwayo says:


    • chigasaki06 says:

      You missed the point. It’s not about him working hard. That’s pretty obvious. It’s about him foregoing integrity for a check. Black people in general are more willing to play by the masters’ rules than fight out of fear of losing a check. Our individual monetary goals are more important than the interests of black people as a group. No other minority group operates this way, which is why black people are at the very bottom.

    • Jerry playz says:

      +chigasaki06 But when you work within an industry that you don’t own, what else are you suppose do? There has to be some conformity, if Mo’Nique won’t comply with the industry perhaps she should start her own thing where she can play by her rules. I’m not saying to kiss ass and be a sell out, but she seems to be against everything.

    • Allie J says:

      Pele Kama Steve is tap dancing to unemployment they are replacing his show with kelly clarkson

    • Ashley Reed says:

      +chigasaki06 couldn’t have said it better. Crabs in a barrel STILL

  18. CheavorTV says:

    Ways to win the War??? lol that war been going on for 100s of years the shuck and jive way hasn’t won it.

  19. Suri C says:

    If Steve’s children crumble, it’s because they never learned to stand on their own feet.

  20. Mandy McManus says:

    All of these people defending her would pay more to see a comedy show with Rock, Chappell, or Shumer in a heartbeat. It’s simple mathematics. She didn’t have the balls to either negotiate and/or walk away, so she tried to play the gender and race card while bringing up two black and a female comedian. She had more to lose by walking away than Netflix did. That special could have been a stepping stone to be relevant again, but she turned it into concrete shoes. Her ego and her manager/husband messed her up. Hanging out in their own echo chamber, telling each other what they want to hear. What has she done lately? It’s almost as sad as Azealia Banks. Can’t get out of her own way. Steve is being a real friend, whether she believes it or not. You can tell that, public or private, she doesn’t want to hear the truth. It wouldn’t matter. She believes she is right and she will believe she’s right into oblivion, which is where she is heading.

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