Mo’Nique and Steve Get Real: Part 2

Mo’Nique and Steve Get Real: Part 2

After a brutally honest conversation, Mo’Nique and Steve worked out their differences the way only two friends could!


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101 Responses

  1. Getty Cameau says:

    This is love in real conversation. #respect

  2. Tracy Oden says:

    What Steve must understand is that Lee Daniels and Oprah are just puppets in the Hollywood White Supremacist system Oprah, Tyler and Lee may seem powerful to him because he is “just talent”. But they are not. The real people with power is us, the audience. Our dollars are powerful. We can make our dollars do the talking if we as a people do the walking (boycott). Oprah, Lee and Tyler blackballed her in the same way white supremacist black ball them. How sick. Doing the same filth to our people because you may not like them or disagree. Monigue keep fighting. You become the mogul and be the change you want to see. Stop only being talent and create jobs.

  3. Cherlie Magloire says:

    He didn’t really give her a chance to talk tho.

  4. Malita Henderson says:

    She looking like she want to cut Steve ass. She is one of the best in the game. Lee is so wrong for doing Monique this way.

  5. Pamela Davis says:

    Why do everybody pretend they don’t know what Monique is talking about, I work in a small retail business and I watch people getting promoted before other people of color all the time. What Monique has to do is be prepared To lose be prepared to fall, people going to pretend not to know, I know what you talking about I hear you, you’re not crazy, I may be a small fish in a big pond but I promise you it may be years down the road people are going to start to talk about what she’s talking about today you may not be heard today but it will come through tomorrow. I bet you when Rosa Parks was on that bus many black people said I wish Rosa would sit her ass down so I can take that bus tomorrow. But look at them today because of her fight, half of them won’t remember not agreeing with you they’re going to say I was on Monique side all the time.

    • Betsy says:

      Pamela Davis this was so eloquently stated. ?????. This was exactly what is happening.

    • BossTeamEntertainment says:

      Timothy Williams Those three struggled but did not have powerful Blacks with money sullying their name either. Issa Difference.

    • Butta838 says:

      I agree. Monique points are valid. She has to push her own weight now. Set up shows herself now. She has enough money to do so.

    • chris! says:

      My workforce is literally all black but ok

    • Myopinionaboutyou Armstrong says:

      And I see people of coloring getting promoted when they don’t even deserve it or can handle the position at times. People like YOU will always make this a race war.

  6. Charlisa T says:

    She don’t like nothing he saying ITS CLEAR ON HER FACE !

    • Sermon Institute For Success says:

      +lbrown1192 Smart. Monique might be right but who wants to get right & broke??

    • lbrown1192 says:

      +Sermon Institute For Success I rather be broke and right and your mentality is why they know they have the upper ✋ with ppl like you

    • It's Thia says:

      lbrown1192 I guess money buys morality according to her. This world is backwards.

    • NfamousDoshay says:

      +Crystal Crawford What was she wrong for? Doing a stand up no differently than the next comedian. She wasnt wrong. All her brothers & sisters want her to apologize for not staying the help & continue to do what their white masters tell them to do so she can keep getting money for obedience. That says to our community, accept slavery because at least you’ll make alot of money being the white man’s slave.

    • missdiva6711 says:

      I didnt either…basically he was saying to kiss their but and get in line. I wonder what his conversations are to them…are they the same. Steve has a house****** mentality

  7. Terry Simms says:

    Look how long it took Lee Daniels to pay back Dame Dash

  8. mynameis says:

    I agree with Monique. Steve is willing to sell out

  9. T Faniel says:

    Steve is WRONG. He basically proved Monique’s point. He would rather be disregarded and degraded as a man and more IMPORTANTLY a black man so that his children and grand children can have a silver spoon rather than a plastic one!!!

    Monique is ABSOLUTELY right. Monique, Steve is not for us or you! I used to like Steve but this TURNED ME OFF! When he went to see the President I knew something was FUNNY! But it’s clearly just all about the MONEY!!!

    No, no HELL NO!

    • April Triana says:

      T Faniel I agree with you!

      Crazy smh

    • G Johnson says:

      T Faniel True! But I knew who Steve was and never really cared for him, but I respect the fact that he admitted it and brought her on a public platform to clear the air.

    • T Faniel says:

      Sam Mc when everything happened in the beginning there were a lot of stories that were put out.

      A lot of stories and people like STEVE spoke out against Monique as a form of damage control for Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels image. I hate the agreeing in private and damaging in PUBLIC thing that people do!

      I still had my opinion about everything then regardless of rhetoric. Ethos and pathos never worked on me! I see things on another level in this world.

      Money and power don’t make you MORE human, and having less doesn’t mean that you should be MUTE for fear of losing something.

    • 2Bit Rasputin says:

      Yep. I think he’ll probably realize that wasn’t the best argument to make. “I’m an Uncle Tom and I’m Rich as Hell, and I do it for my grand kids.” Probably not what really is trying to say. But that is the message he sent. Nice that he does want to be a friend to Mo’nique. People need to stand up for the Rosa Parks of Today, not just as a glossy historical idea. No?

    • A B says:

      Steve has always been about getting his check. He’s been that way since before “Kings of Comedy.” He said he’s going to make sure he and his family are well taken care of. This is nothing new.

  10. Ron Robertson says:

    I don’t know if anybody caught the principle to this episode. But the way they handled their differences, it was an “agree to disagree” moment , then come with a solution without love lost. That’s really how you handle conflicts by being mature and civilized.

  11. Esl Professional says:

    Why does Kevin Hart get to say no to the Oscars and everyone backs him. Monique says no and gets bullied Into submission. Really..?

  12. kakaycar says:

    Steve was telling Monique to apologize and that other people should apologize to her too. He should have apologized for not calling her, he kept saying I probably could but he SHOULD have.

    • Gnome Chompsky says:

      Why u gotta apologize IF THEY ADMIT SHE WASNT WRONG?? FOH.

    • Joy Dor says:

      kakaycar he did apologize for not calling her! Just did not say it in those words. Steve said I should have called you when it happened!

    • sean parker says:

      +Joy Dor that is NOT an apology. It’s just like you say you repented to God, but you only told him that you should have done right. That is not enough.

    • robert7567 says:

      kakaycar the man had other stuff going on. Please she’s a grown woman and she’s behaved like a petulant child. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

    • Beloved' Rose says:


  13. KIM WILLIAMS says:

    He only got her up there cause she on the way up again.

  14. jonathan johnson says:

    Integrity vs $100 million.
    Don’t sell out!! F that!
    Balance as Best as you can!!

  15. PlusSizedintheCity Taylor says:

    Monique I’m with you all the way!!! blackballing is the problem… that’s what everyone is missing

  16. LitaL. says:

    I understand and appreciate his desire and willingness to help mend things, but if she says she’s fine, take her at her word. Tyler, Lee, and Oprah may *THINK* they’re the Holy Trinity, but they’re not. Monique is going to be better than fine without them.

  17. summerskye1100 says:

    Steve said forget his integrity, he’s crazy! money ain’t everything, when money is gone and you have integrity, that’s more than money to me.

    • Sermon Institute For Success says:

      Integrity is good but it don’t pay the bills. Steve also said he has people depending on him and he can’t sacrifice THEM for his integrity. I agree

    • demetrica c says:

      Steve right u and your kids can’t eat them bills to fill their hungry belly’s MO has a husband so she has a man to lean on for some kind of stability so she’s testing the waters… Steve can’t afford to test them waters he is the stability in his home… Mo will be OK that ego and that pride will have her down to 150lbs if she keeps playing.

    • OnlyOneSha'la says:

      I understand integrity, but she blew her integrity out the window when she told those people to “suck her D”

    • cindy roberts says:

      You can’t pay bills or feed your family with integrity

    • Jonesy Doe says:

      summerskye1100 Right. People saying integrity doesn’t pay the bills but guess who does? TMH. I pray to him and I know he has my family. He might not come when I want him to but he came when I need him. Losing your integrity will have you doing strange things for some change.

  18. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    It’s funny cuz a majority of the audience is white ?

    • Goofy Flan says:

      What you don’t get is there’s far more poor people that are WHITE. The media just isn’t going to portray white in a negative light. Society is created for THE RICH to rule over THE POOR. Race has NOTHING to do with it.

    • J R says:

      What that gotta do wit anything or are you looking at it thru your racist point of view?

    • Drayonis says:

      +Goofy Flan race had a lot to do with who were slaves and who weren’t. Who could own property and who couldn’t. Race had a lot to do with where you were allowed to live and who could own homes. All those rich people happened to be white I miss me with the “it ain’t about race” excuse

    • Goofy Flan says:

      AGAIN…So you’re saying indentured servants, weren’t white slaves? Where can’t a black family live NOW? Monique and Harvey are RICH and stirring up poor people to play the victim card. RATINGS for this show = MONEY. That’s MONEY, not BLACKNESS.

    • Virginia State Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam says:

      +Drayonis *indentured servants

  19. Rashiadah Weaver says:

    So he admits they black ball people

  20. Vanessa Rogers says:

    Secret society. He telling her to get with the program

    • Dimples Williams says:

      He’s not telling her to get with the program, he’s talking about flip point of view. He’s basically saying that everyone had a part to play and everyone was wrong. They were wrong in how they treated her for not wanting to promote the movie. An she was wrong in how she executed it. Her choice of wording was wrong you can’t tell someone to kiss you’re a**, using those words. The 1st lesson my mom taught us was that you never put your integrity, your character & your class down for anyone. You tell & curse someone out without them knowing it.
      We live in a society that has forgotten what respect sound and looks like. They were wrong but so was she. She was not wrong for telling them “to suck her D**k. If she had one.” Where in that statement her class, her integrity? At that moment there was none. She put it down to look like them. If your child walked up to an adult and made that statement. Would any of us be ok with? Corporate America will never look like the ghettos or projects. Even they may act like them.

    • Maurice Wilson says:

      Ephesians 6:12

      For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    • PettyMurphy956 says:

      Monique has recorded phone calls on Steve, Oprah, Tyler, and Lee. Why do you think her and Steve are having this sit dwn.

    • Dimples Williams says:

      Ok….Ok.. Cause…

    • Bellah Leyka says:

      +Maurice Wilson and the church of Jesus Christ said: AMEN!

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