Mo’Nique Speaks On Racial And Gender Inequality In Hollywood + More

Mo’Nique Speaks On Racial And Gender Inequality In Hollywood + More

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81 Responses

  1. Christian Kalala says:

    That ‘Donkey of the day’ thing really hurt her and I understand.

  2. Twin N Inches says:

    Monique had em shook

  3. Mrs. Johnson says:

    Monique might be right but *WHO CARES!!* they are beating a dead horse here.. They are putting more energy trying to defend there stance then making money doing comedy..

  4. KissNDiggz says:

    Monique explained herself well. I’m glad the breakfast club gave her the chance to speak her truth. She made great points and gave clarity to the situation. If I were Monique I would have felt the same.

  5. N.e.M.C Nellz says:

    She called charlamagne by his Government lmaoo

  6. Terrence Sanders says:

    Damn she ate LENARD UP! Lol

  7. Melvin Walker says:

    I think Charlamagne and people like him get drunk on their own popularity. Sometimes because his platform is wide and he’s in demand, he thinks he can say what he wants whenever he wants without the proof to back up his claims solely on the basis of who he is. Monique is wrong to a certain extent, but I also think that she exposed Charlamagne to a point. The brother has to be held accountable for the things he spews over the airwaves!!!

  8. AllJazzed Up says:

    Niggas love bashing black women on a social setting. The story where she said she wasn’t going to let the producer call the director a boy… there she got the black man back even when they don’t have hers smh. I wonder if it was Paul Mooney coming back for a Netflix special, would it be different?

    • TCthaCrisis says:

      AllJazzed Up
      You need to stop.

    • Robia Cole says:

      I love how most black women are agreeing with this obvious fact(as we are currently living it so we would understand more) and some black men are acting like she’s delusional. Are we all watching the same interview cause I understood everything she said. She came with receipts and answered everything so eloquently and some people still want to stay on stupid 🙄

    • Kufari Mahdi says:

      Paul sick as hell

  9. RWP says:


    • The Makings of Cinnie says:

      Toronto Bound why??? Because that’s what the whites do for their ppl! If black folks would do the same and stop tearing one another down we wouldn’t have these problems!!

    • Uppity Sombitch #OneInTenThousand says:

      black people always do a horrible job in remembering WE’RE MINORITIES. if the MAJORITY (i.e. white/other people) think someone/something is good, it isn’t a conspiracy if we start seeing it everywhere as opposed to the shit that really only appeals to us MINORITIES. minority vs majority isn’t a value system, it’s a numbers system. all the most successful black entertainers had CROSSOVER appeal. it means they appeal to the majority and not just black people. that’s why they reach the levels they reach. it doesn’t matter if not one nigga thinks amy schumer is funny, if all or most of the majority thinks she is, then she will get that shine. we need to stop hollering white privilege when its just a numbers game…I don’t know any black people who enjoyed full house, but it’s a cult “classic” and got a reboot, because the MAJORITY loves it.

    • bb says:

      Dorian Gray the only times she’s “hilarious” is when she’s using other people’s jokes. She’s shit

    • Blonde American says:

      Oh shut up! Go to Haiti!

    • Goddess Goddess says:

      RWP Any and Monique don’t have the same fan base..

  10. Young Son Of Africa says:

    Leonard is 10000% Coon!!

  11. Jamaal Rainey says:

    Y’all are sad 🙄 just because someone speaks over someone else does not mean they “checked” someone. The Breakfast Club stood their ground. Monique acts like a bully. Just because someone does not agree with you, you want to call them an “Uncle Tom” 🙄😂

    • stephen holmes says:

      Jamaal Rainey bet you Monique got some good pussy

    • the truth teller says:

      Jamaal Rainey lol you coons always say that

    • Mizako 96 says:

      ThomasTekno Nice argument. You look like a fool.

    • Jason Brown says:

      the truth teller These coons are the worst.

    • Leroy Porter says:

      Tiff Hugh They *Netflix* tried to give her a raw deal which was wrong on there end but Mo has to understand that what Chalamagne said is true in business…it is based off what have you done for me lately and Mo hasn’t been relevant. So for her to try and spin gender & race as the issue to benefit her point she was wildn’ cuz Dave Chapelle,Shonda Rhimes,Amy Schumer,Wanda Sykes which BC did bring up to make they points, got big bags. And for several ppl to come out and speak negatively/against ya working experiences doesn’t help either. Bottom line she needs to do it on her own at this point and get back poppin and change the narrative abt her and take & earn her respect back amongst those who see her otherwise in a negative light.

  12. Teri King McKinney says:

    Monique likes to talk down to anyone who is not on her side

  13. SyFy Living says:

    *Daddy on Deck, I LOVE IT!!!! **#BlackLoveIsImportant*

  14. TheGhettoSnobSeries says:

    “Daddy” made an awesome point after Charlamagne tried to equate Monique to Kobe.

  15. Mom The Ebayer says:

    Envy said the magic word.. “ DO IT ON OUR OWN”!! Yes!!! If they don’t want you in their house let’s build our own darn house… bigger and better!

  16. theMotivation Goddess says:

    Amara Le Negara had to explain colorism, now Monique has to explain this shyt….Damn. No wonder black women are dating other cultures, at least they will acknowledge the struggle. It’s so embarrassing to have to explain this shyt to a black man who calls himself a god. Really?

  17. DassahMariee says:

    I agree with her 100%. It’s sad we can’t get support from others & now can’t get support from our own. Someone needs to drop kick everyone in that room interviewing her 🙄

  18. Smartriide says:

    Mo’Nique in her quite voice just G checked the whole damn room lol. She just showed how misinformed they are at times.

  19. Sandra Davis says:

    CTG is Donkey (Coon) of the Decade!!!

  20. Open Season says:

    No lie, Monique and the dude on the phone had Bars for Charlamagne

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