Monologue: Get Up, America | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Monologue: Get Up, America | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill kicks off the 20th season of Real Time with jokes about President Biden’s press conference and our perpetual pandemic panic.

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32 Responses

  1. Ryan Joseph Rubio says:

    How many times can one man clap his hands?!

    • John Smith says:

      Everyone had there little tics and Idiosyncrasies🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Cantara Bella says:

      1 … more… time…👏

    • heatmyzer9 says:

      Is that new? Don’t recall noticing the hand clap before….but picked up on it here. Maybe the mics were different and picked up more of the clap in the mix?

    • Jonny- B says:

      @heatmyzer9 nah itd always his fuckin annoying. Gottq clap after every damn sentence. Really hate live audiences. Never realized how much they destroy the tv show and its enjoyment. Once ya notice it cant unnotice it.

  2. Aaron says:

    The obnoxiously loud, “OOOooohhhh” from the audience member at 3:17 made my day

  3. Jasmine Crandall says:

    Welcome back Bill, you were missed.
    Still waiting for you to take the leap and ditch the corruption of both parties, but you make the struggle entertaining!

  4. Joe August says:

    As a person who hasn’t gotten covid yet and doesn’t have any friends, this monologue really resonates with me

  5. William Thomas says:

    Man, this was actually funny. Thanks Bill, it’s nice to hear a voice of reason.

    • chadillac says:

      The audience was a really good group of trained seals clappinI. at everything Bill said…

    • Studio DaVeed says:

      @Simon Cheesemonkey
      Yeah, Harris even stated she’d have a problem taking Trump’s vax.

    • W B says:

      @Simon Cheesemonkey I seem to remember many Democrat leaders stating they would not be submitting to the “Trump Vaccines.” Oh how soon we forget. At this point it is tribal, luckily the region I live in hasn’t had a pandemic for six months. Oh don’t get me wrong, there is still a pandemic, on television. My wife, an ER doctor, now talks about the crush of patients seeking treatments for destroying their bodies sitting at home watching the fear porn. The coverage pumped in to their telescreens and yes there are still cases of respiratory distress, but Covid is endemic and we might as well get use to it because it isn’t going away. By the way, there is only one party rule in America, the Republicrats will do what is necessary to keep the shitizens of Gitmo Nation divided, as control is easier that way.

    • Simon Cheesemonkey says:

      @Studio DaVeed I just looked it up, she indeed said she wouldn’t, she said the scientists opinion on the vaccine would be suppressed by a man looking to be reelected. Frankly, I agree with her that Trump can’t be trusted as a rule of thumb, except it’s not Trump who works in the labs and he doens’t control the FDA, so that was really silly of her to make such a statement. Although I would argue that this doesn’t make Harris an antivaxer, but someone who doesn’t trust Trump to an absurd degree. The antivaxer rhetoric is very different if you care to research it, il leans heavily on conspiracy theories and being a super free alphe-male!😆

    • J.A. Bristol says:

      @Simon Cheesemonkey a ”trump cultist”? Yeah, you’re just a leftist hack here to sew division.

  6. Salvatore Morello says:

    Happy birthday Bill “66”
    Still at it teaching Americans how to be human being’s
    It’s like “1922” all over again
    History that no one learned
    I wonder if Mr Lincoln was running again today would he be re-elected?☮️ 🇺🇸 if you want it now.

    • Johan Runfeldt says:

      Donald Trump would stop Lincoln from getting the GOP nomination, and the Democrats would reject him for being a Republican. So Honest Abe wouldn’t even get to run, at least not for any of the major parties.

    • What’s the deal with airplane peanuts? says:

      Anti-slavery is anti-economy, totally un-republican platform.

    • Johan Runfeldt says:

      @What’s the deal with airplane peanuts? Slaves make poor consumers. Paid non-slave labor can buy stuff the plutocrat capitalists’ factories produce. Very pro-business, very Republican.

    • Bowie Upland says:

      @Johan Runfeldt
      Donald Trump would like to personally thank you, for letting him live rent-free in your head for The Last 6 Years.

  7. blackfly56 says:

    I’m less worried than some in my family, but to each their own level of caution. I got it two years ago, now I’m vaxed, never had a choice to isolate as a truck driver.

  8. H J says:

    The White House is saying “We’ve lost Bill Maher but Cobert is still an ally…”

  9. Darren Miller says:

    Love you Bill. Thanks for always keeping us laughing.

  10. Ziggy Ustar says:

    Happy Birthday Bill, Always controversial that’s why he has a platform he pushes back all ways/ in & out of comfort zones calls a phony a phony but shocks even his die hard fans

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