Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Rajang Trailer

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Rajang Trailer

Hunters, get ready to face the pinnacle of physical strength and unforgiving aggression: the indomitable Rajang!

Rajang is coming to #Iceborne as our 1st Free Title Update in October 2019 (PS4/X1)


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63 Responses

  1. Samsul Rahmadani says:

    Ah that rajang theme song

    Or should i say

    “You fainted” theme song

    Because you probably gonna hear it for only about 10 second after he appears

  2. Edze Catienza says:

    new hunters: whoah, capcom is really spoiling us!
    old hunters: this is not fun anymore 🙁

  3. Willian Nobre says:

    Sweet Sassy Molasses Holy Shit!
    Thanks Monster Hunter Team, you guys are doing an outstanding job!

    Now, if Rajang and Devil Jho end up having a King Kong vs VRex Turf War I will be beside myself with hype.

  4. SmeNrmalGuy TV says:

    Back then on MHFU:

    Online Hunt

    *someone uses flashbomb*

    RAJANG: Let the party begin

  5. Jimmy Chan says:

    Remember when people said ‘something like this will never happen’

  6. The happiest sad panda says:

    Old players to old players watching new players getting carted by rajang: ” AREN’T YOU ENTERTAINED?”

  7. Mauro S says:

    Ffffuuuuuuuuuuck they had to bring in the super Saiyan didn’t they

  8. Sandi S says:

    I remembered fighting lvl 140 Apex Rajang…
    I hate it but I miss the frustrations from the fight.

  9. Cape Baldy says:

    The only Monster in MH Universe that every Hunters nightmare! Rajang aka PTSD inducing Son of a Gun!

  10. Ainz Sama says:

    I love you so much Capcom a dream become reality …. Best Devs Best Game Best Community…. just take my damn money take it all you deserve it THANK YOU CAPCOM

    • Zovioh _FGC says:

      Best game? Absolutely not. MH Generations Ultimate blows this game out of the water. No conparison.

    • Bananu Slammu says:

      @Zovioh _FGC if it was mhgu vs world, then I’d agree. However this is iceborne. And i gotta say, the new clutch claw and tenderizing mechanics are so much more fun than the styles. Plus, the world engine just looks, and feels better to play, and the free roam-esk maps feel so good to explore, and capcom says that more surprises await the release. Idk if it was just me, but mhgu got really stale, and so did world. I won’t say that iceborne is better than mhgu yet, but we’ll see once it comes out

    • Zovioh _FGC says:

      @Bananu Slammu MHGU has like 5x the content of world, and has an actual endgame, and things that are actually still hard and engaging after you’vedone it a few times. Worlds biggest problem is it’s all stupid easy and there’s nothing to grind for. I can honestly say Behemoth is the only thing that hits me more th as n once or twice a hunt at this point. That’s a problem.

    • S A H L says:

      @Zovioh _FGC pretty sure he meant franchise and I think Boston mhgu and mhw are in the top 3 monster hunter games imo. 3rd would be Mh4u

    • Hussain Abdullah says:

      @Zovioh _FGC Mhw is the best mh game to date period. You’re opinion is irrelevant. Facts cannot be changed. Besides, you need to get those nostalgia goggles out of your rear end mate, they’ll give you anal fissures if you don’t.

  11. Kevin McFarland says:

    As Hatty Hattington would say “Buckle your pants, friends.”

  12. Colin says:

    Wait so You get free dlc with your dlc expansion?? That’s illegal – EA executive

    • Kels Weihun says:

      Have you played any monster hunter, dlc should be free the ds and psp games were less than 40$ and had way more monsters, mhw is 1/3 of a game and they want money to finish it fuck capcom they used to be good now they’re EA

    • Raggedy Exynos says:

      @Aria kiss An expansion is the same fucking thing as a DLC, stop treating them like theyre different

    • VSVPx GooNz96 says:

      butterpastor is this your first monster hunter game if it is oooh boy ima laugh when you get to nergigante and Deviljho

    • Andie Ketchum says:

      Absurd ha you must not know the meaning. Iceborne is perfect and well worth it

    • Daniel Marcus says:

      @butterpastor Probably worth noting that this “DLC” is more like “MHW 2”. I don’t mind paying for DLC when the amount of content matches the price. This will basically double the size of the game, so $40 on top of the $60 seems fine to me.

  13. Sloth Armstrong says:

    I feared this day would come. I lied to myself saying “It’s okay, just 3 more days to go and no sight of him at all; everything is absolutely fine” but here I am… quivering in fear knowing that my last breath is upon me.

  14. Shay Ó Laoghaire says:

    Capcom stop, I’ve already pre-ordered i can’t do it again!

  15. Ren The Villain says:

    Me: Beats Rajang after many heart attacks

    Capcom: So what your saying is you want to fight two of them?

  16. picies2020 says:

    Does this mean that we are finally gonna see how rajang owns kirin!? TURF WAR!!!!

  17. TheSoulAlchemist says:

    Hardest quest I ever did in any mh game was the 2 enraged rajangs in that tiny ass MHFU arena. Seeing this trailer gave me goosebumps my god it’s gonna be awesommme

  18. Babajka says:

    Deviljho: picks Dodo and throws him at Rajang.
    Rajang: catches, throws back

  19. Raios Rogue says:

    “Business is about to pick up”
    “New Players Are About To Get Dropped”

  20. Dodo Gaming says:

    Capcom: *reveals Rajang*

    Also Capcom: “Business is about to pick Up.”

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