MONSTER Sockeye Catch!

MONSTER Sockeye Catch!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew set off to catch a MONSTER Sockeye in the wilds of Alaska!

In quite possibly their grandest adventure to date, prepare to witness the Brave Wilderness team face icy rains, blustering wind and freezing cold water all in an attempt to get the cameras up close to Alaska’s most iconic fish, the Sockeye Salmon!

Oh and did we mention Coyote will attempt to catch one using nothing more than a common fishing net?! That’s right, this adventures success all hinges on Coyote’s ability to pull off a nearly impossible fish capture…will he be up to the task?

Either way get ready to dive in with some MONSTER Sockeye!

HUGE THANKS to Greg and Joe for making this episode possible. Please check out their incredible Alaskan guide services by visiting their website here –

*This video was filmed under permit SF2016-211 granted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Dip netting for Salmon is prohibited in the state of Alaska without expressed permission, please do not attempt to recreate what you’ve seen in this video.

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20 Responses

  1. Shredding Stuff says:

    Wish he had caught it with his sock

  2. Drew says:

    Probably the only good YouTube channel right now

  3. nana na says:

    he’s do gentle and kind. coyote for president 2020 ?

  4. Salmon Fish says:

    R.I.P Sockeye McJenkins, will soon die after reproduction. He was a good
    man, sacrificed his life for his kids. Most importantly he got an
    oppurtunity so rare most other fish will never get to experience, getting
    caressed by Coyote. His life would definitely be a contented one. Everyone
    bow your heads in fellow merimony and, Amen.

  5. Rage Player says:

    no ads? so coyote isnt even making money off of his videos? god damn

  6. Abby Darel says:

    I just have to say, Coyote has beautiful eyes!

  7. RazerX Gamer says:

    I don’t think we should force him for the bullet ant challange, let him
    take his time.

  8. Muumipappi says:

    That is beautiful! Why do we have just ugly brown fishes in Finland

  9. 1koalaman says:

    Give this man a TV Show!

  10. Zactor says:

    Honestly, if Coyote made videos for history classes, I would be interested
    for once

  11. Sam Fitzpatrick says:

    I love how he never does clickbate

  12. Tragix Zinxxy says:

    Whose here before 1 mil views??

  13. Rachel Shaver says:

    i love how he never does clickbait!!!!! its amazing
    keep up the good work Coyote

  14. DXP Smoke says:

    *Coyote:* “-Most beautiful salmon species in the world”

  15. TonyGAMING says:

    I remember watching your first videos and thinking you were a pretty cool
    guy, I didn’t think much of you then because I thought your channel were
    cuts from a real TV show. I soon realized that you weren’t, by trying to
    find the show xD But now, you’re quality of videos have become amazing, and
    you as a person have grown to be one of my biggest idols. You’re not doing
    this for the fame, or the money, I can tell, you’re doing this because you
    really enjoy it. Not just Coyote, but your whole team you’ve got there,
    camera men included. You guys are truly are amazing people!

  16. Jensen Payne says:

    To be a bear or a bird would be awesome… but today I am a COYOTE.

  17. Astro I Rocket League! says:

    Bullet ant challenge is coming. i can feel ittttt

  18. machoo blue says:

    he said the bear has the exact same idea as him does that mean he going to
    poop on the ground then catch a fish

  19. DryAssChicken says:

    Damn this is the best episode yet. I thought I was on Netflix for a second.
    This man inspires me every time I watch his videos

  20. Nathan Brinkerhoff says:

    *Sees dead fish.

    Immediately touches it.