MONSTERMAX 2 Initial Testing + Trial Update

MONSTERMAX 2 Initial Testing + Trial Update

MONSTERMAX 2 IS FINALLY HOME. Today was initial testing to make sure it will all function properly and handle earths elements. We also had court for the splashing trial again so this covers the last trial. Thank you. #MM2

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31 Responses

  1. TayZonday says:

    You should find a 16-year-old to take that to the DMV and do the parallel parking test.

  2. Dominoefx says:

    A video where this guy is being serious and showing his attention to the passion is refreshing. He’s got good humor. Excited for the next upload where he drives this truck into a local Dennys.

  3. Greg Gaskins says:

    For bottle jacks to lift the truck, you should look into aircraft jacks. They’re telescopic and rated to lift huge amounts of weight and remain stable. They also have locking collars I corporated to keep them from falling if you lose pressure.

  4. JayBee says:

    Congratulations on MMII. You have a lot of work done and tons of effort. You deserve every bit of happiness it brings you. Keep up the great work WD!

  5. SmolHusband says:

    Yo you got this. Huge inspiration tbh. Win this court case and continue to make awesome videos!

  6. TwinStick Garage says:

    That’s quite the truck Cody 👀congrats. Thoughts on the double trans – what if you swapped out the automatics for a couple manual 6 speeds you could have the clutch disengage them both at the same time and they’d both be connected into the same gear on that drop box 🤔 Oh and I’m calling it now, that drop box is the 1st thing that’s gonna break when you really start “testing”

    • George Otero says:

      I was joshing dang dude 😎

    • Jamie Grieve says:

      @Twinstick Garage I don’t know enough about those Allison TCM’s to get why he can’t parallel the outputs to both transmissions from one TCM? I’m thinking he could still use the second TCM for feedback but it could just be connected to resistors instead of the solenoids?
      If you put manual gearboxes, rather than put an old fashioned linkage, would you not use two modern electric shift mechanisms from a European truck? Our truck autos don’t use torque convertors, they’re just conventional layshaft gearboxes with actuators moving the shift forks, they only need simple inputs to make them work.

    • Keaton Jones says:

      there is a twin engine vr6 golf that has a setup like this! obviously not with drop box but he linked them and can even disengage the linkage to do a front wheel drive burnout and rear wheel drive separately then link them back up for his 1/4mile. So cool, i just dont know if any manual could handle the forces/weight even with 2 haha

    • TwinStick Garage says:

      @Ron DeSantis’s Travel Agent those diffs are pretty impressive but agreed a dirty old 3406 would sure turn those tires but since he’s already got the two Duramax engines in there he just needs a couple manuals and a clutch and it would work 👍

  7. Trevor Samples says:

    MM2 is a work of art. That’s enough said! Cannot wait until you’re able to work out the quirks 🤙

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  8. Lonely Sandwich says:

    seth is lowkey the superhero of this whole channel.

  9. Nobody Important says:

    Really hyped to finally see the 2.0 in action, been waiting for this grand reveal for a long time. The monster will live!

    • TEXT ON TELEGRAM👉CodyWhistlinDiesel says:

      !! Hell yeah brother!!
      Thanks for being an active user congratulation.
      have been luckly selected for the giveaway session..

  10. Bradley Dahl says:

    The transmission thing will be interesting honestly. Automatic transmissions never shift on cue. If they were both manual it would be easier to link 2 clutches together and link the shifters together. But to find a clutch to handle that much of truck would be difficult or even a durable Trans. But going forward with the Allison’s I’d say you’ll probably have a few milliseconds delay between shifts. And once you get lockers in the axles and suspension the transmissions should be easier to figure out cause you won’t have lost Traction causing Both transmissions to do different things (that is if each motor is powering separate axles)

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