MORE bad news for AMD GPUs… Huge Recall Incoming??

MORE bad news for AMD GPUs… Huge Recall Incoming??

AMD Reference 7900XTX Coolers are failing at a scary rate! Der8auer did a complete video about his testing here. Disclaimer, our 7900XTX along with many other reviewers does NOT exhibit this behavior, however there are MANY confirmed cases in the wild. Check out his video here –

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42 Responses

  1. der8auer EN says:

    Thanks a lot for shout-out 🙂
    When you talked about that we didn’t think about this before at 6:35 I started thinking about if we even missed this on other cards in the past. Good point! Could probably change reviews for the future.

  2. Prax Ytbe says:

    It’s funny how prices go up and up but quality (assurance) seems to go down.

    • The Toaster says:

      @Eddie Brock I’m not raging. I’m laughing at you. Don’t flatter yourself 🤣Why would anyone rage over someone else being as completely stupid as the proverbial. You’re the one at a disadvantage in life with the mental capacity of a raisin. 🤣

    • Eddie Brock says:

      @The Toaster lol. Reeee! Rage more nerd. 🤣🤡

    • Döctör Spöök says:

      ​@StormRider Not really. Microsoft fired most of it’s QA staff after Steven Balmer left, and we, the users, that paid for their OS became the QA department for Win 8 all the way to every update for Win 10 and Win 11. 🤣

    • Moe S says:

      Welcome to retail.

    • The Toaster says:

      @Eddie Brock what assumptions? That you’re an idiot? You’re quite right!

  3. Pikalika says:

    I bought my rx 6950xt about a month ago and it just keeps getting better and better.

  4. Jonathan Mantilla says:

    I think this gpu generation launch goes to show the risk of adopting new tech as soon as it launches. Hope it can be fixed soon.

  5. Gustavo Vanni says:

    To be fair, Jay, AMD did release a note last week I guess, saying that anyone having this issue should be in contact with them. So they’re not completely quiet about the problem.
    And I want to see you or others test, in all orientations, a card that never shown 110 degrees hot spot before, to disprove if it’s a problem with all reference cards or just a bad production batch.
    Happy new year guys!!

    • Anuza Hyder says:

      The cards are fine. Change the cables n it will destroy nvidia. Even if u get high temps so wat. Keeps u warm in winter. In summer get a mini fridge case n u r good

  6. EvenSteven says:

    Likely a manufacturing issue. Der8auer seems to think the afflicted chambers do not have enough water in them. They absolutely have to get that right.

    • Marcelo Rodrigues says:

      @Da_Boom Vapor chambers and heat pipes production are highly automatized processes. Sure, one could do a manual sample test – but that’s it. There is no human operating the machines – it’s automated. Also, the thing is sealed shut – one would have to destroy the component to measure the pressure inside.

      I believe that this is a batch gone wrong. Maybe one setting on the factory, maybe one machine that put the incorrect amount of water inside. Since we have several cards with the same design working ok… it must be a manufacturing problem, not a project one.

    • Da_Boom says:

      @Wapn Perfo The fact that some cards do it and some dont, is the indication that something is not right – they should be testing the chambers to make sure they’re performing correctly. and when they lower the pressure, they should have a qc man check the pressure before sealing it to make sure its within range – same with adding liquid. This delta in performance of the chamber from card to card is clearly too large.

    • Long John says:

      The bad thing is if that is true it could very well affect cards down the road that are working OK right now because of permeation ….. That is why there should be a total recall and all coolers on existing cards replaced with a new design …… That’s really going to hurt AMD who has already seen Market Share drop from 21% in 2021 to 10% in 2022 ….. That’s why Nvidia is so cocky about their pricing, they have no real competition and their market share increased

      Like it or not AMD really dropped the ball not necessarily because their products are bad but because they keep overpromising and underdelivering

    • Phreak says:

      @ShadowLordxsx If it would be a design flaw, then all of the cards would be affected, what seems to be *not* the case.

    • Michael Theurer says:

      @ShadowLordxsx they apply a vacuum when sealing the vapor chamber to lower the boiling point.

  7. ElisDTrailz says:

    It would be extremely interesting to take 1 good card and 1 bad card and switch the coolers to see if the problem travels.

    • Tan Yi Ge Ken says:

      ASUS had such a problem before, i think they did explore a different cooler with the same PCB design, so technically they can just replace the cooler. Would be cool to see, its faster for people too and cheaper for AMD.

    • Munteanu Catalin says:

      It has been done by the german reviewer… The answer is YES – it is the cooler problem.

    • Schrodingers Cat says:

      I believe this has been done and it is the cooler at fault.

  8. bryo4321 says:

    I had a card like this, sent it back to AMD for a refund. I think I actually was one of the first on the AMD support forums to start complaining about this.

  9. Blockhead says:

    The smartest thing to do in terms of electronic purchases is to wait at least half a year before buying new releases. If you really need a specific component, buy last gen ones.

    • Nocturne says:

      That’s an uncharacteristically un-Blockheaded thing to say; kudos and I heartily agree 👍

    • J Mass says:

      It’s honestly another reason people should cool it on vehemently hating people willing to pay crazy prices for this stuff. Enthusiasts not only knowingly go deep into diminishing returns on price/performance but they also fall on the sword of ironing out early kinks. I’m not in that cohort and I don’t want to be.

    • DangerMouse949 says:

      It is similar to buying the first year of a new model car.

  10. kaeldor90 says:

    That seems to be either a design flaw or a factory level problem – unlike the layer 8 problem, that the green giant had.
    Issues like this are one of the main reaons why I genereally get components, that have been “out in the wild” for roughly one year.

    • Schrodingers Cat says:

      If it was a design problem then all cards would have it, likely the manufacturer made process changes meaning many coolers ended up faulty. Not the first time there have been problems with vapour chambers like this, they are difficult to manufacture and hence expensive. Probably some corners got cut by the manufacturer to try and reduce costs and it is blowing up in their faces now.

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