More Lechonk Pokémon Meme Review

More Lechonk Pokémon Meme Review

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The July 2022 episode of ASPITPIAY, aka Pokémon Meme Review!
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I make Pokemon videos, such as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet content, Pokemon Legends Arceus content, Pokemon playthrough challenges, Top 10 or Top 5 Pokemon videos, Pokemon Talk, Pokemon Meme Review, and lots more! If you’re any level of Pokemon fan, subscribe for videos you’re sure to love!

Edited by Katie Rose!


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25 Responses

  1. MandJTV says:

    thank you for all the kind comments 🙂 I will do my best to take full advantage of this time off so I can come back fully energized to make the best content I can!

    • ARKOOS says:

      We love you Mikey have fun during your break hang out with some friends do some sightseeing watch a sport match is ok we all understand your saturation we love your content socplease don’t retire take some time off to recharge your energy

    • Joshua Munoz says:

      Mikey, I’ve been a fan forever and I support your decision, my friend!

    • JLRosieFan98 says:

      You take your time, Mikey. It’s better for you to take a break than to wear yourself out. Besides, your content is so good that I can easily be entertained by it several times over.

    • TheLivingChair says:

      Take all the time you need. I’ll miss your videos but I’m sure there’s plenty of back catalogue I haven’t seen yet

    • Luigikid7 says:

      I’m going to miss your bright and cheery mood to pick me up but you’ve worked so hard so take your time and return to rule the skies when your ready

  2. Moxie2D says:

    NOOO I was too slow! Everyone’s versions of your Pokémon designs looks awesome though 🙂

    Enjoy your break Mikey, I 100% understand burnout as an artist and I have no idea how you’ve been this consistent on YouTube for this long

    • chickpea says:

      @axolotl boi gaming you are entitled to your own opinion, and no one is saying that you can’t have an opinion, however insulting other people and their hard (and GOOD i might add) work is incredibly rude and childish of you. you can be critical and polite at the same time, so if you want to express your opinion then do it in a way that will encourage others to improve 🙂

    • PixelPokes says:

      @axolotl boi gaming bro u good???

    • axolotl boi gaming says:


    • axolotl boi gaming says:


  3. Zythe Akaru says:

    Take care Mikey. And enjoy taking some time off, you’ve definitely earned it and deserve it!!! It was so fun to see so much fanart, and I’m inspired to do some too!

  4. Audrey & Spencer’s Fish Bowl says:

    it’s honestly fine that you’re taking a break, everyone deserves breaks, especially you. we always can rewatch your videos. have a good break mikey!

  5. TemporaryLeadership says:

    Hello friend! Can’t remember when I started keeping tabs on your channel (I think it was like…2016 or something when I was a sophomore in college myself and sun and moon hype was a thing), but I just wanted to say cheers to your mental health! Your energy is a welcome phenomenon in the community; I’m glad to have found your channel, and am excited that you’re getting ready to take some personal time!

  6. WildDrake92 says:

    Hey man, everyone needs a break to let the creative energies build up again. You take as long as you need Mikey, we got plenty of amazing videos we can rewatch 😁

  7. Mien Fu says:

    I totally understand you, Mikey. Enjoy your break! Hopefully you’ll come back in a better mood and maybe you’ll even bring Pokémon Talk back!

  8. Aaron St. Louis says:

    You’re the man Mikey, relax and recharge! You deserve it, we’ll be here when you return!

  9. Dunkcity says:

    THANK YEW MIKEY! Seriously, appreciate all your hard work and opinions. You’re an incredibly likable guy with a lot of knowledge and passion for what you do (even if you haven’t felt it) hoping this break brings inspiration and a fresh renewal to you!

  10. Cullen Hutchison says:

    It’s good that you’re being proactive when it comes to taking a break. I hope you enjoy yourself, and I look forward to whenever you decide to come back!

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