More Of Jon Stewart’s Interview With Stephen Colbert

More Of Jon Stewart’s Interview With Stephen Colbert

Jon Stewart asks Stephen Colbert about his transition to the Late Show, or how he went from being Stephen Colbert to being Stephen Colbert.

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54 Responses

  1. New Message says:

    ‘More’ isn’t enough. I miss Jon shining a light on the passing limo, so we can all see it’s really a clown car. Glad Stephen is here to keep that torch burning… But I miss the old torch bearer, too.

    • You Don't Say? says:

      he needs to preserve his sanity though

    • Laydie says:

      +New Message
      He’s busy avoiding turds.

    • Sarah McBeth says:

      He needs to come back. One comeback is always in order.

    • Ligeiaz Tomb says:

      VERY well said

    • Jessica DeNittis says:

      I think this is your most honest post ever… And I know you’ve been at it daily for years. I know you’re kinda popular, but I think you could be more so if you made more posts like this- honest, sincere, thoughtful, instead of the jokey approach. You have every right to say I have no idea what I’m talking about, because you’re correct. People don’t care what I have to say, but people do listen to you. And if this is your real “voice” I like it.

  2. MLG HELP says:

    Stephen ALWAYS looks GOOD, whether its behind the desk or in the hot seat.πŸ’™πŸ˜

  3. MLG HELP says:

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving vacation Stephen, then come right back bcuz we DO need you!πŸ˜‰πŸ€—

  4. Aldo Calrissian says:

    I love this. I love the dynamic between these two and I love the honesty. It’s nice to see a little bit deeper than the jokes and political nihilism. I wish many more nights of success to the team here.

  5. SenoraJames says:

    Love these two men.

  6. dreaminginnoother says:

    I like how colbert slips in “not genius.” You only get that good with humility I would guess, because he is undoubtedly a comedic genius. Especially if you watched his old show. His wit is as sharp as it gets.

    • dreaminginnoother says:

      +Serai3 I totally understand that. That’s why I point to his old show where the interviews were incredible. You can only plan so much in an interview and then it’s a matter of knowing the perfect responses as they come up.

    • Serai3 says:

      Oh, I didn’t mean to sound like I was contradicting you! Sorry if it came across that way. πŸ™‚

    • dreaminginnoother says:

      +Serai3 na. someone else said you don’t have to look that far back though so I was kind of responding to both of you. He’s still doing a great show, but the interview style he used to have demanded a super quick response time. Also, the writing on that show in general was so edgy and original. I still watch him every night here though too.

    • Serai3 says:

      It was an extraordinary balancing act he did on that show. Despite have amazing writers, when it was interview time, Stephen was alone out there lobbing the fastballs. Taking that into account, I think he was a better talk show interviewer than anyone else I’ve ever seen. Even Johnny Carson was not working through the lens of a character that had nothing do with who he really was. Stephen is a marvel, and no mistake!

    • Joe Anderson says:

      Colbert is the most unfunny person to ever Grace late night television. Comedic genius might be a bit of a stretch.

  7. Mackenzie Calder says:

    Can these guys do a podcast?

  8. Coleen Parsons says:

    I love how Stephen is sitting on his leg like a kid. This – these are priceless. And bittersweet.

  9. 4c1dr3fl3x says:

    These two riffing together bring me back to better times. Not all were good times, not at all, but better ones.

  10. thegreatpotenza ' says:

    Love seeing Stephen and John together.

  11. Paul McKnight says:

    Best interview of the entire show, no sales, no bullshit. Just brilliant ”)

  12. Cassius SpaceTrain says:

    So much love. so much brilliance and hard work. always evolving.

  13. Renske Dunnewold says:

    You just know that Jon was there watching every one of those early shows, hoping his friend would do well. πŸ™‚

  14. Hammad Ali says:

    Stephen Colbert getting interviewed was actually really interesting. There’s so much insight into who he was/is.

    • Gateaux Q says:

      I’d read before that there was some rough adjusting but knowing that he had his wife in the audience for the first month just explains it all. The Report character was brilliant work but most definitely not Stephen. He struggled with that far more than he ever let on.

  15. Kelly Nguyen says:

    So when is the buddy cop movie coming out?

  16. Genie Mememe says:

    What a great question! Jon Stewart is so amazing in each way. Colbert is superhuman. Gosh this is such a Christmas gift.

  17. Jay Carr says:

    Learned much from this. Is Colbert and Stewart and a show where all they did was talk about their craft, I’d watch it…all the time.

  18. Randy Wein says:

    Jon Stewart’s gift is not comedy as much as analysis of topic. This question to Stephen is so deeply insightful that he elicits the genius of his subject. These are two extremely intelligent men.

    • Brian O'Kongkohr says:

      Sure, I agree – though I’ve heard – can’t quite recall where – that John is also “a bit of a dick” – so there’s that…
      And I remember once upon a time, not so long ago, when Stephen expressed the most reprehensibly inane arch right wing views only a Trickle Down & Dirty Dick Cheney on roids could love. Now Stephen is a “darling” of empirically based rational progressives?! I just don’t know if I buy this recent turnarund.

    • Rebecca Carey says:

      +Brian O’Kongkohr desparate times require serious breakthrough growth

    • Brian O'Kongkohr says:

      +Rebecca Carey I agree – though I’m not going to count on that from 2016 Trump voters in 2020 πŸ˜€

    • Rebecca Carey says:

      +Brian O’Kongkohr i don’t count on trump supporters for any good thing. they, like their leader, seem to have no boundaries, no self discipline and an allergic reaction to insightful self examimation . . and as such do not hear, or in any way perceive, and rightfully respect any one else’s boundaries, rights, justice,or rule of law.

    • Toni Sumblin says:

      Well said, Randy.

  19. Carolyn Rabbani says:

    Jon is not only a comedic genius, and an intelligent analyst, but a wonderfully generous human being. Seeing these two together is such a gift!

  20. Coreen Mazzocchi says:

    Jon asks brilliant interview questions. These two together are so good.

    • Anthony Ha says:

      Aside from his more casual look, Jon hasn’t missed a step in the years he’s been away. He’s still one of the greatest interviewers of all time, transcending both “news” and comedy, and could go toe to toe with just about anyone, ask the realest questions in both a serious and entertaining way, and (for the most part) still be cordial and friendly in the end. In the late night business today, Colbert gets close but (naturally) leans more on humor, whereas I think Jon’s still the master of balancing comedy and seriousness.

    • Serai3 says:

      Well, he’s had a lot of experience. Not only with TDS, either. He had an interview show back in the 90’s that was one of the best I’ve ever watched. It didn’t last, alas. But damn, it was good.

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