More than 30 drivers got flat tires along 405 Freeway during morning commute

More than 30 drivers got flat tires along 405 Freeway during morning commute

More than 30 drivers got stuck along the 405 Freeway near Mulholland Drive around the same time due to the same issue: flat tires. READ MORE:

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41 Responses

  1. Booper says:

    I’m surprised this doesn’t happen intentionally more often.

    • preston nguyen says:

      @Shamus Burns the original comment indirectly implied towing, change spare, fix a flat. These services are offered as a courtesy via CA Highway Service Patrol by dialing 511. Nothing about replacing new tires. Hence, it’s highly unlikely that a local auto repair will intentionally scatter nails on fwy in hope of earning business. But yes, I’ll be smarter next time and dumb down my comment for you to comprehend.

    • Ëë Mage says:

      It does

    • Shamus Burns says:

      @preston nguyen what’s free? A tow? A plugged tire? New tires? I doubt tax dollars are gonna replace a tire or tires with nails in the sidewalls.. not to mention the amount of money a person can be losing waiting for the tax dollars to fix the tire.. be a little smarter..

    • Shamus Burns says:

      @Sugar Rose it will.. better start saving for new tires!!!! The media is the freaking worst..

    • Eman says:

      Just wait. Evil days are coming like you can’t imagine

  2. Frank M says:

    As a former tire tech I was once told by a supervisor to grab nails and toss them out the window during my lunch hour if I’m leaving work. Dumbest part is we offered free flat repairs at the time so why would I do that. Managers answer was it brings in customers and we could recommend other repairs. Lots of crooked shops out there.

  3. billyl allen says:

    I worked for a roofing company and we had guys who would tear open a box of nail from the side of the box, in the bed of the truck, you then had nails rolling around the bed of the truck and out in the streets. When we drove our trucks through home construction, we always checked out tires for these nails. The roads has a ridge and the nails either roll to the slow lanes or fast lanes, but most construction trucks use the slow lanes, so those nails roll out and roll to the right. In housing tracks they roll into the gutters and these guys fill their bags with nails, dropping them on the street. Usually you see cars on the side like that, when construction is starting up, so spring and summer

    • Don Don says:

      You apparantly have never driven on LA’s 405 during the 2 commute hours, when all sizes of trucks use EVERY lane with impunity. It will be interesting if the nails that caused this mess were roofing nails, or nails used in construction.

    • Tuan as says:

      The state needs to do a better job of sweeping the roads with magnets.

  4. stvtic says:

    Glad everyone involved escaped safely with their lives that could’ve been a major pile up and a lot worse.

  5. iiiMUNiiiQUE says:

    This absolutely ridiculous.. as someone going through health issues money is tight. this would literally ruin my week. 😩 I know of those 30 many were inconvenienced and not prepared for such a random issue yet you have to come out of pocket.

  6. Michael Pravica says:

    I had a friend in Brooklyn who bought a new white delivery truck and days later, it was spray painted with graffiti. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, the owner of a truck painting business gave him his business card. My friend just kept his truck that way and didn’t have it painted as he was convinced that the business owner paid some yahoos to deface his truck so he would patronize his business. I wonder if there wasn’t something similar at play here.

  7. Denise Benedict says:

    2 years ago, we had our house re-roofed. We expressly told the contractor to make sure no nails ended up on the driveway. Unknown to us, he sub-hired 2 teenagers to pick up the nails, which was a big mistake. Hubby had to replace two tires on his work truck, one on my car, and both a Fed-Ex truck and UPS got flats. My 6 year old went out with his little magnet and found over 3 dozen in a few minutes. We left a pretty scathing review on the contractor and hope nobody else had the expensive experience we did.

  8. Scott Doubleyou says:

    Had that happen to me on a roadtrip to NC, on I95 outside Savannah GA in 2005.
    A state hwy vehicle dropped a box of nails, and all 4 of my tires got caught. The driver made a few phone calls, and got me a tow to a Pep Boys in Savannah, and paid for a set of tires right there.

  9. Billy the adult says:

    THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THAT THIS HAPPENED ON THIS STRETCH OF HIGHWAY. I have personally seen this event unfold 2 times in the past. Both times on the same stretch, southbound, and early in the morning. Something is not right here…

  10. Jerry Odom says:

    Stake outs near or around tire repair shops need to be made everywhere. Late at night, I’ve seen wrecker drivers throwing stuff out of their trucks that looked like it would be nails or metal objects..they should be held accountable for replacement of every tire on that roadway…Tennessee and Kentucky….

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