More Trainers, More Battles. ? Get Ready for Pokémon Masters!

More Trainers, More Battles. ? Get Ready for Pokémon Masters!

Sync up with your Pokémon, join forces with other Trainers, and get ready to battle!

Here’s the latest on Pokémon Masters.


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90 Responses

  1. david paw says:

    Billions of players are gonna fill the servers

    • No sunscreen ban SPF says:

      Aresu/AnimeMaster Why would it die soon? I always wanted a successful Pokémon game that has prominent characters from past Pokémon regions. This game is fulfilling my desires. And it deserves my support.

    • david paw says:

      Y’all scaring me

    • No sunscreen ban SPF says:

      david paw There’s nothing to fear, I highly doubt if this mobile game was successful, they would build more into it and expand it, they might release it on the Nintendo Switch. Like Dragon Quest Rivals it was a mobile game then it was released on the Switch.

    • Dino 740 says:

      First day

    • Play Bomber7io says:

      I’m the 666th comment. You are welcome.

  2. Dog nut says:


    barry’s 3d model looks so cool

  3. Ghost Croissant says:

    Marvel: infinity war is the most ambitious crossover of all time
    Pokémon Masters:I’m about to end this whole man’s career.

  4. Pasta Heart says:

    First we caught all the Pokemon.

    Now we catch all the people.

    Soon, we will catch all the worlds.

  5. Star Savage says:

    wait..where tf is Green? it suppose to be red, blue, and green as a team Fam! don’t ruin my emerson!

  6. Lick Tasty says:

    If Team Rocket gets in and Meowth is his own Synch Pokemon I’ll buy another phone just to download the game a second time

  7. Just a Wimpod says:

    So Gen 1-5 Trainers use powered-up regular moves, Gen 6 Trainers use Mega Evolved regular moves, and Gen 7 Trainers use Z-Moves as their Sync Moves?

    I’m on board with that, I suppose.

  8. Ghost Croissant says:

    I hope they add Gold/Ethan in this as well as the Alolan protags. ^^

  9. Василиса Милушкина says:

    That feeling then a phone spin-off game looks better than sword and shield…

    • Sonic171000 says:


    • THEFareday says:

      Darryl Miko Rafols have YOU played SwSh, you shill? You people get so mad about people ruining your excitement, and then you go out of your way to ruin other people’s excitement.

    • Professor Aristotle Means says:

      No it doesn’t

    • Darryl Miko Rafols says:

      THEFareday im not ruining anything. Just pissed with these people saying the game is not good when they will still buy and play the game when it releases. It’s like kissing your own ass..

    • Darryl Miko Rafols says:

      Sucy Q again, don’t say it’s not good when you still haven’t played it yet. Telling it’s not good just looking on the trailers won’t do anything good to you., just wait for the game and play it and then get back to this comment and tell me that it is not good..

  10. TheAwesomeDarkNinja says:

    I am not kidding when I say I am more hyped for this than Sword and Shield. I get to use mah boy Treecko 🙂

  11. Patricia B says:

    I LOVE THIS, hopefully my boy N is in here

  12. C.J.B says:

    _When you’re more exited for a mobile game than the new switch game_

    • Shoujo Fanboy says:

      I cant wait for them micro transactions!

    • Professor Aristotle Means says:

      @Lost Melody I honestly couldn’t care less about the whole national dex. I have only used pokemon from the new regions anyway

    • Best Boy Lemillion says:

      Professor Aristotle Means Same mate, I always made my team from Pokémon that appeared in the actual region. I just transferred some Pokémon over in the post-game, for completion or whatever random reason. So it really isn’t a game breaker for me. I definitely get that people are disappointed, but I’m still gonna enjoy SwSh. And all those complaints about the graphics are just total bullshit. They’re are just trying looking for the smallest mistakes they can find so they can get on GF ass for it.

    • Jeremiah Longino says:

      When you’re more excited cause you don’t have a switch

    • Professor Aristotle Means says:

      @Jeremiah Longino F

  13. Kat Kloud says:

    *Seeing Hugh, Wally, AND Silver at the same time almost made me cry*

  14. Mark Negron says:

    Wait but why does Barry have Piplup when we all know he’s the human version of Chimchar? Piplup will always be Dawn’s

    • Andrew Allyeno says:

      Mark Negron I was saying the same thing ! I know in the anime he had an empoleon but his personality screams fire type and chimchar is literally him as a pokemon

    • Barry III says:

      He has the Chimchar line in the manga

    • The Treyceratops says:

      Because I guess the Pokémon company seems to hate Turtwig, and wouldn’t give it to anybody if their life depended on it (Torterra is my favourite Pokémon period)

    • Nyxnsu says:

      The Treyceratops not exactly. Dia had it in Pokémon Special and Ash has one in the anime

    • MoonStarInc! says:

      Depends on how they do Turttwig & Chimchar, in the anime he had an emporeon, in the manga I believe he had the Chimchar line, but if Dawn is getting a Piplup too and Brandon is unknown than got to wonder who gets the last starter. For me, I’d have Barry get Chimchar/Internape, Dawn gets Piplup/Emporeon, and finally Brandon gets Turtwig/Torterra

  15. Gab Da King says:

    I don’t know why , but this trailer animation reminds me of Pokémon black and white 2’s trailer animation. It was ???

  16. Add says:

    Bring back N. Bring back Natural Harmonia Gropius!

  17. ScionStorm says:

    Wait, Silver and Wally on the same team? What kind of team dynamic is that?

  18. King Eon says:

    Can’t wait to have Lance and his Dragonite punch a bunch of children

  19. Shera Wizard says:

    *Aggressively puts Giovanni, Silver and Ariana in one team* There, a happy family.

  20. Stevefreak VEVO says:

    See, Blizzard and Ubisoft? This is how you do mobile games on your big franchises. You make a main game first, and make a mobile game later

    • Lost Melody says:

      No, no, no. You know how you do Mobile Games on your big franchises? You don’t do mobile games. _On anything._

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