#MoreThanMean – Women in Sports ‘Face’ Harassment

#MoreThanMean – Women in Sports ‘Face’ Harassment

Watch REAL guys read REAL comments made about sports reporters Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro – to their face. These fans learn some tweets are #MoreThanMean – they’re harassment. Share this w/ hashtag #MoreThanMean to increase awareness about harassment of women in sports.

For more, hear an extended Just Not Sports podcast on the topic with columnist/broadcaster Julie DiCaro and Sports on Earth’s NFL writer Andrea Hangst. Find it on iTunes, Twitter (@JustNotSports) or on SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/justnotsports

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20 Responses

  1. Ontario Gamer says:

    stupidest video i have ever seen whats the point of getting random guys to
    read these to them?

  2. 012345678963475 says:

    This is so one sided

  3. William Gioffre says:

    Yeah people on the Internet are horrible, what’s new… And yeah people are
    horrible to women… And that sucks but like what is this video going to
    do, people who say these mean things aren’t going to watch this video and
    think oh wow lets stop. So why not instead of saying that all men are evil
    and we should all feel bad. Don’t get me wrong it’s horrible what’s
    happening, but making a video encouraging us to control the bad people
    rather than shaming all of us is way more effective

  4. King K says:

    This comment section full of anti-feminists legitimately makes me want to
    drink bleach

  5. Andrew Frye says:

    The fact that this is our society now is very strange.

  6. Force PamaaJ says:

    i died when he said “i hope your dog gets hit by a car you bitch”???

  7. 90luckynumber says:

    It’s almost as if you read over the comments section you can see who
    clearly doesn’t get the purpose of the video (pssst, it’s most of the
    people commenting)

  8. coffiecats says:

    so sad. no one, absolutely NO ONE should be saying such things TO ANYONE.
    People have feelings, and words can hurt. If we respected each other more,
    then things like this shouldn’t be written, or typed, or even thought.

  9. IAMGIAGOMO says:

    Should be in comedy category.

  10. AP Productions says:


  11. Josh turner says:

    have the people making the tweets are just no life trolls. don’t take them
    seriously, ever.

  12. james tillman says:

    the brunette is looking at these dudes like they made the comments. This
    video was weird. Sticks and stones much.

  13. Charlie Nelson says:


  14. Clay Vee says:

    so sad, I had to stop when I heard the rape one.

  15. Carter wilson says:

    The dog getting hit by the car was hilarious xD the way he said it as well

  16. Daniel Chavez says:


  17. wonderfulmax says:

    this isnt funny.. it looks like theyrr gonna cry

  18. Chris Castellani says:

    The message of this videos fails because I felt a lot worse for the guys
    who had to read the comments than the woman who they were aimed at.

  19. NAPPI NOT 12 says:

    These guys are pussies….

  20. Max J says:

    None of you dumbfuckers even get the point if this video and it’s