Morgan Freeman – Receives Life Achievement SAG Awards 2018

Morgan Freeman – Receives Life Achievement SAG Awards 2018

Morgan Freeman Accepts #SAGAwards Life Achievement Award From Rita Moreno, Points Out Statue Favors Men

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27 Responses

  1. Eileen says:

    Morgan Freeman rocks!

  2. Christine says:

    And now I just love them both even more!

  3. estephaniey123 says:

    Very VERY VERY VERY deserved!!!

  4. Therone Dawson says:

    Bravo Morgan Freeman. I just love those two wonderful people.

  5. Mackk Mcphaul says:

    I met him in Charleston South Carolina during the filming of Glory he was such a gracious and wonderful person to me and I will be forever touched by his dignity and class.

  6. Stephanie Rocha says:

    YESSS!! MORGAN!! So well deserved😭

  7. Manning Bartlett says:

    Rita Moreno – That’s a EGOT winner right there. One of the (very) few.

  8. Hip Hop Machine says:

    What a pure legend. You rock sir. Respect.

  9. John Lennon Jr says:


  10. renee mandell says:

    This is a man who’s acting
    brings warmth and hope to my heart.

  11. Lucielle Reche says:

    Omg finally someone that matters

  12. R2-D2 says:

    Morgan is God.

  13. SteveTheGhost says:

    Now run before sexual harassment comes knocking on your door run….

  14. the Leau says:

    What. Just now. He been deserved it a minute ago.

  15. Johnny Mnemonic says:

    Rumor has it that he had a tinfoil hat under his baseball hat.

  16. shawoo says:

    Who did he call out in the front row?

  17. AveMarie Meleisea says:

    THERE YA GO MORGAN!! GOOD 4 U!!👍🎊🎆💝😭

  18. AveMarie Meleisea says:

    What a legend.

  19. randomemoji :3 says:

    My boi gained a freckle 💙

  20. James Moore says:

    Next week someone will probably accuse him of sexual harassment 50 years ago

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