MORGAN WALLEN 2: Sundae Conversation with Caleb Pressley

MORGAN WALLEN 2: Sundae Conversation with Caleb Pressley

Morgan returns to teach Caleb about his charity.

Produced by Tom Mullens & Caleb Pressley
Edited by Tom Mullens

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33 Responses

  1. Bizmo Funyuns says:

    “It’s cancelled but it still works” 😂

    Caleb is genius

  2. KDF says:

    Caleb’s card being “cancelled but still works” went over my head the first time that was amazing😂💀

  3. LightningFish says:

    One of the best segments presented by Mamitas

  4. Denton Visual says:

    Guys, this episode I just finally realized how great Glenny Balls is at shrugging and making gestures. He’s like the Shakespeare of body language

  5. Colton Herbold says:

    Caleb was flabbergasted that there’s 36 songs on it

  6. Shallow says:

    “This is my Morgan Wallen card. It’s cancelled, but still works somehow” is fuckin hilarious.

  7. Ccthomas 2211 says:

    Caleb has to be the funniest dude at barstool

  8. C. H. S. says:

    They should teach these Caleb-style interviews in Journalism classes. Genius.

  9. LongHardLee says:

    36 songs? Damn! Even made Caleb break character

  10. TewNahh says:

    He made Caleb crack saying he has 36 songs on his album 😂😂

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