Morgan Wallen – Don’t Think Jesus (Lyric Video)

Morgan Wallen – Don’t Think Jesus (Lyric Video)

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33 Responses

  1. s nickerson says:

    This song tho…… Speaks to both the mind but also the soul- not many artists or songs can pull it off but Morgan!! Thanks for another amazing song!!

  2. Breanna Smith says:

    You just don’t know how many hearts you’re going to help heal with this song.

  3. Joshua Peugh says:

    This song actually brought tears to my eyes! Perfectly written! If you haven’t found the Lord, it is not too late…

  4. Justin H says:

    This one’s definitely going number one without a doubt!

  5. Omar Ayazi says:

    Mr. Wallen you truly have a gift it’s always pleasure to lesson to your music thank you for making music and always bring me a smile when I listen to your music. Thank you once more can’t wait to actually go to one of your concerts hopefully soon again thank you.

  6. Jaggeroni says:

    It ain’t often you find an artist where every song they have is on your playlist. Morgan is definitely that artist for me and never fails to produce.

  7. Addison Avocado says:

    I have been waitin on this song for forever!! I love it so much it’s for sure gonna be on repeat for days!!

    • beatrice provencher says:

      Amazing song I listen to ur music all day everyday I fall asleep to it every night and love this song so so much!!!

  8. mayra garcia says:

    you can just hear how he pours his soul out in this song… speechless

  9. Kaya's Life 101 says:

    Morgan, this song is so personal for you and I’m just beyond happy that you decided to share it with us. I’m sure it was hard to make the decision on if you should or not. But I sure am happy you decide to

    • JessicaJPB says:

      @Gayle Schaefer umm actually that video first appeared on his Instagram and Tik Tok accounts. Many different YouTube accounts reposted the video on their own channels. I even posted it on my channel too. I follow all of his social media accounts, so I know how the sequence of events played out.

    • Gayle Schaefer says:

      @Hill Oh duh!

    • Gayle Schaefer says:

      @JessicaJPB NOT TRUE. He had a video on YouTube, where he explained that two of his friends wrote the song. He wanted to sing it on YouTube, to get our opinion on the song. I’m not familiar with his private life. It’s private.

    • Michael Tripp says:


    • Hill says:

      @Gayle Schaefer …and your point is ??

  10. Lorelei Tanner says:

    To all my family: DON’T talk to me!! I’ll be listening to this masterpiece for the rest of the week!

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