Morning Joe Michael Wolff Cold Open – SNL

Morning Joe Michael Wolff Cold Open – SNL

Mika Brzezinski (Kate McKinnon) and Joe Scarborough interview Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff (Fred Armisen), Steve Bannon (Bill Murray) and Oprah Winfrey (Leslie Jones).


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73 Responses

  1. Minh Tran says:

    Nail Joe & Mika down to the tee

  2. Spunky1991 says:

    Great to see Fred back in a skit.

  3. David Johnson says:

    Did God himself just call out Logan Paul?

  4. Anaga! says:

    That look at 0:50 is everything!!! Also, is there anything Kate can’t do??

  5. David Johnson says:

    Things humans do not deserve

    Dogs and Bill Murray

  6. Tacet the Terror says:

    So much sexual tension.

  7. Murad Diab says:

    I’ve been saying all week that Fred needs to play Michael Wolff. This is just too perfect!

  8. Chue Lor says:

    The baby racing part sounded like it could be true. Lol

  9. Laurent D'Hondt says:

    I would also have accepted Lorne Michaels as Michael Wolf.

  10. Luis Navarro says:

    The sexual tension between the two isn’t exaggerated here

  11. jasson todd456 says:

    This sketch is a gift. That keeps on giving!

  12. Simon James says:

    I missed Fred! Also Bill Murray is a treasure. Everyone played their part really well in this sketch.

  13. Luis Navarro says:

    Another week another conservative saying they don’t usually like the bias against trump but they got them this time

  14. AKP says:

    💫💫Kate McKinnon is a national treasure💫💫

  15. jessicaaaturbox3 says:

    Logan Paul omfg they went there

  16. Dom Trussardi says:

    Fake Mika is hot.

  17. MerkinMuffly says:

    The guy playing Scarborough sounds more like David Spade than Joe, sad.

  18. MerkinMuffly says:

    Steve Bannon just pulled a real Munsen.

  19. Lacey Noel says:

    OMG, what’s so sad is that Logan Paul probably has no idea how iconic Bill Murray is and he said his name!

  20. MythicTyrant says:


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