Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack – Official Roster Reveal Trailer

Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack – Official Roster Reveal Trailer

The full Kombat Pack Roster has finally been revealed! Earthrealm just got a whole lot more dangerous.

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86 Responses

  1. Unknown says:

    November 26th for Sindel? Bruh ???

  2. appleface57 says:

    Before we saw Spawn’s model, He looked like a Scorpion clone to me XD

    • Dr. Krieger says:

      Oh spawn is deffinetly no clone. Can’t wait for him and scorpion to square up since they are both creatures from hell.

  3. FlamerGamer YT says:

    They should’ve made them fight for a bit. Why would they all be together?

    • FlamerGamer YT says:

      @Cathal Carson I dont get it. The character into were cool but I’m talking about the end. The end needs more creativity maybe.

    • Blue Coc says:

      @Cathal Carson thats not a reason as to why nightwolf and sindel would be fine with each other. A little action would be even more badass

    • FlamerGamer YT says:

      @kroom 4 oh ya. But like basic special moves. People should know about them if they interested.

    • Alpha Raccoon says:

      kroom 4 they’ve had plenty of time to at least show the smallest amount of footage. im not a game developer, but I think 4 months should be enough knowing the amount of people they have

    • Alpha Raccoon says:

      Carlos Spawn is the emo 19 year old while Nightwolf is the youngest who gets picked on the most. Joker and Shang Tsung are the two middle children who work together to terrorize their siblings

  4. Reaper X says:

    they made it look like spawn was coming next- okay buddy

  5. Angel H. says:

    I wanted my boy, Bruce Campell aka Ashy Slashy. ? Excited for Sindel and the Terminator looks awesome, but the Joker looks cheesy as hell. He needs to be more scary.

    B/w the release dates are ridiculous.

    • Boba Fett says: Ash got swapped last minute Boon admitted to last second changes on the dlc probably because of WB. More than likely Ash Williams got held off for kp2 to cross promote the upcoming evil dead game. Ash has subtitles for his intro coded in game already same for fujin. sheeva doesn’t have them but she is coded in as one of the dlc slots. There are still several dlc slots we don’t know yet but we can confirm at least Ash and Fujin have had enough dev work they are likely to not get scrapped.

    • Cringable says:

      Dude, I was hoping it would be either Ash or The Doom Slayer. Now I’m honestly bummed. Idk why they had the chainsaw sound effect in the Shang Tsung trailer then.

    • NoChillWill says:

      You realize there’s other skins and cosmetics that will be available right?

    • Sladerulez says:

      Ash is Confirmed

      Actually, some people say that when they looked at the DLC Announcement on the game, It says Ash instead of Joker.

      Chances are is that Ash was pushed into the KP2 and Joker Pushed into KP1

  6. Holden Caulfield says:

    How are people not more excited about THE. GOD. DAMN. TERMINATOR.

  7. Isaac Robertson says:

    @0:06 that smile that creeps on Shang Tsung,

    So Freaking awesome!!

  8. ffjskkendnfbsnaj says:

    Joker really lookin like he about to tell you where the nearest Barnes and nobles at

  9. RIPLemmyKilmister says:

    How will Frosts fatality work on The Terminator?

    She’s just going to put him in another body?

  10. Bastian Araya says:

    0:49 Me and the squad about to ask mom if we can order pizza rolls

  11. Gemütliche Boys says:

    SPAWN: march 17

    *Everyone disliked that*

  12. Daniel Clark says:

    I wonder if Terminator is going to be like Kratos from MK9, where he shows complete indifference while being ripped apart with a Fatality?

    • Jay Morales says:

      Daniel Clark At least it makes sense being that T-800 has no organic parts at all and was never a human. Frost reacting works because she did have an organic body. Her reacting is due to remembered experience. Kratos should have at least winced a little being that he, and the other Olympian gods, were shown to know what pain is and none of them showed joy or indifference to it.

    • Rodolfo Vilchez says:

      Jay Morales T-800 has a thin layer of synthetic/organic flesh covering his metal skeleton iirc

    • Jonathan Rodriguez says:

      +@Rodolfo Vilchez ya but is a robot that has no pain receptors

    • Talking Parrot says:

      Now I really want kratos back in mk ??

  13. Daniel Clark says:

    I’m just glad they gave us “Arnold Terminator” and not just generic endoskeleton Terminator.

  14. anus says:

    0:49 me and the boys watching the food in the microwave cook

  15. Sgt Reed says:

    The Terminator, Sindel and Spawn are looking sick!! Not sure about the Joker, though. Looks too clean.

  16. The Dark Echo says:

    If Sonya uses her first fatality on Terminator, does that mean he got to the Choppa?

  17. Mr. Boling _ says:

    Nice of them to let Joey from accounting show off his Joker cosplay.

  18. SuperJumpReviews says:

    I was excited until I saw Spawn releasing March of next year. At this rate Injustice 3 is going to be out by the time MK 11 is finished with all the DLC characters.

    • Cathal Carson says:

      It’ll be worth the wait, trust me

    • Alpha Raccoon says:

      Cathal Carson will it though?

    • Alpha Raccoon says:

      v2 Toga so then the characters will be all out in 2021 knowing how shitty they’re making Kombat Pack 1

      by that I’m talking about the time it’s taking to get them out

    • v2 Toga says:

      @Alpha Raccoon yea most likely after March it will be a 4 month break until the next kombat pack

    • SuperJumpReviews says:

      @v2 Toga I think I’m going to just trade in my copy get another game to play and wait until the MK11 Ultimate Edition comes out with all characters and stage fatalities.

  19. matt the O.G says:

    You better have the Tommy wiseau joker skin or else I’m not buying him

  20. OmniREDDD says:

    Why does joker look like a gta online character!

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