Mortal Kombat 11 – Official Launch Trailer

Mortal Kombat 11 – Official Launch Trailer

Mortal Kombat 11 arrives April 23 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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62 Responses

  1. Curry Chicken says:

    The soundtrack choice for this is flawless! Superb! Outstanding!

  2. Laur_ Wolf_XD says:

    The beginning man…. Sub-Zero, Skorpion and the OG Song Damn! The Feels

  3. Laur_ Wolf_XD says:

    Sub-Zero n Skorpion represent our faces at the beginning

  4. Shilo Williams says:

    If your on phone the pause symbol shows up exactly on top of the eleven in mortal kombat ….thought was kinda cool I guess

  5. Bekjan says:

    Holy shit…. teared a little :,) first game I ever played was MK3 on Sega mega drive I was 6, and the movie god damn the feels :,)

    • Victoria M says:

      YESS mine too. I made my parents play with me (only child problems lol) and it was so brutal but sooo much fun! Sega Genesis <3

    • Bekjan says:

      +Victoria M lol nah I think my parents regretted the day they bought the damn console xD me and friend of mine used to play it for hours, I only had like 2 games for it MK3 and TMNT, but damn it was the best

    • Youfan says:

      Bekjan: Same, bro. Same. Me too.

      Sega Mega Drive 2 + MK3 + MK The Movie = EPIC.

      Flawless victory.

    • Joe Rogaine says:

      Mine was Mortal Kombat 2 on the sega game gear.

    • hhh triple says:

      I was 6 as well. Played it on Sega ???I’m crying after listening this song

  6. aemlizz says:

    “Recognize me, little brother?”

  7. Marchello09 says:

    I don’t even care about anything else, the song alone gets a 10/10 for this trailer from me.

    • Kim says:

      +Xennah do you know how the story ends or are there multiple endings

    • Xennah says:

      +Kim there’s multiple endings

    • Elite Boring Videos says:

      +Fu-Sung E. Cookye what man anyone can come together not just geeks anybody plays this game heck my grandpa plays this dont make this its own category thats judjmging a book by its cover so simple just say i dint think it fits its 2019 anything fits

    • Elite Boring Videos says:

      +Xennah man youre spoiling it please say spoiler alert next time

    • Elite Boring Videos says:

      +Crazy 77 dude tgis music isnt og this is from a movie they just took it to add to their game smh

  8. Ivan says:


    • Ivan says:


    • Alex Diaz says:

      Ivan calm it down you auti

    • craig thomas says:

      +Unklerukus37 The Immortals are a band consisting of Belgian electronic musicians Maurice “Praga Khan” Engelen and Olivier Adams, best known for their work in the controversial techno/industrial dance band Lords of Acid.

      The side project was created for the first Mortal Kombat soundtrack in 1994; however, they debuted their track “Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat)” in 1993 when it was released as a single. The song was used as part of the Mortal Kombat commercial for the home systems that announced its single release as well. It was also used in TV commercials for the Mortal Kombat movie and Mortal Kombat: Live Tour, and it was released the same year when the game was released for home consoles. The track has also subsequently become known as “the Mortal Kombat theme song” and has appeared for a set of remixes of the JX track “Close To Your Heart”. The original music was mixed with sound effects from the Mortal Kombat arcade game to create “Techno Syndrome (7″ Mix)”.

    • Bryan Cunningham says:

      I think you mean… “KRY”

    • airraverstaz says:

      Too bad they don’t have some original outfits.

  9. Scott O'Drowsky says:

    The use of the movie soundtrack was an awesome touch!
    Less than a week to go!

  10. Kyriakos Kasolas says:

    “Recognize me, little brother?”

  11. JaxBlade says:


  12. Sir Joe says:

    *Iconic movie theme starts playing*
    ~Raging boner~

    Way to go, Netherrealm!

  13. Marcelo Camargo says:

    Maybe this is the Mortal Kombat movie that’s We always wanted to see! Original theme? YES finally!

    • tigerfang8686 says:

      Mortal Kombat story mode is way better than any movie in fact most of the new games with story mode are better than movies adaptation

  14. Gryphful says:

    I got shivers down my spine when i realised that they finally used MK theme in the official trailer! Im overblown with joy!

    • Cherri Splash says:

      It’s not the mk theme it was the movie theme that they decided to use for this game. Cool sure but it’s not actually the theme song.

    • Gryphful says:

      +Cherri Splash i know that it is a movie theme bro 🙂 it’s just for me and a lot of people this theme was always the first thing that associated with MK 😀

    • Gryphful says:

      +Cherri Splash it is so cool to finally hear it in the game, i mean in the official trailer of the game at least 😀

  15. Ray 832 says:

    Am gonna buy this game only for the original theme song!

  16. Silver Angel says:

    Now that’s the best MK trailer with the original theme, thank you guys ??

  17. hosres one says:

    “Yippee-kai-yay, Right?”
    “Recognize me, little brother?”
    Just give me a gamepad and call an ambulance!!!!!

  18. Franc Marcus says:

    everybody says *HEY* it’s noob saibot!!!!!

    But no one asks *HOW’S* noob saibot??

  19. Big Blue says:

    Scorpion and sub zero working together ??

    Oh yea this game gonna be lit???

  20. OTT2OWN says:

    This isn’t a game you fools.. This is…

    ?Mortaaaaal Kombaaaaat!!!?

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