Mortal Kombat 11 – The Epic Saga Continues

Mortal Kombat 11 – The Epic Saga Continues

The epic saga continues. Don’t miss the reveal on May 6.

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67 Responses

  1. Will1o7 says:

    Liu Kang: *Doing work*

    *Feels hand on his shoulder*

    Shang Tsung: “Go ahead and log out for me baby”

  2. BlazingShade says:

    Shang Tsung: *Morphs Into Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures* “ONE MORE THING!”

  3. θ Reaper θ says:

    Everyone: It’s about time we got a good ending

  4. Mystic Stylez says:

    Shang Tsung basically said “Aye run that back turbo”

  5. Bruno Silva says:

    Shang Tsung popping in like he’s interrupting a WWE match

  6. Wyoming Isn’t Real says:

    Netherealm: *Announces story dlc*
    Me: I must consult with my bank account

  7. Ace Wayne says:

    hey I’m actually hyped for this, this dlc or whatever it is could finally bring us new stages.. and we’ll probably see new polished characters

    • Steven The gamer says:

      Jordan Mcintire yes I hope so dude that would be sick

    • Dustin Bell says:

      @Jordan Mcintire Leaks prove our DLC will be Ash Williams, Sheeva and Fujin. I’m sure there are more. I hope we get both Cyrax and Sektor. I know they had fatalities in the game files, but in story mode you can’t do fatalities, so having them made no sense, so there’s a little hope they will be DLC.

    • Nutella Taco says:

      @Dustin Bell nah we might be getting robo cop instead of Ash, I’d rather we get more mk characters, instead of dumb recycled movie guests

    • Don Cheadle says:

      New stages maybe more playable. characters

      What if Quan Chi is in it?

    • Living Lash says:

      Ace Wayne I think I see quan chi to the left of Shang!

  8. IZZY ZAE says:

    “I must consult with the wallet”

  9. Angello Llucemo says:

    Wat he should’ve said was “OH MYYY GOOOOOOWWWWDDDDD”

  10. ScorpionPina8 says:

    Liu Kang: lets rebuild this world
    Shang tsung : Wtf are you a comedian

  11. GenghisKhan Gaming says:

    Liu Kang: “whew, glad this is finally over, let us reshape the world
    Shang Tsung: Hold my soul


    Raiden: it’s over…. Shang Tsung: I SAY WHEN ITS OVER!

  13. Blastgamer77 says:

    Raiden: “Shang Tsung, what are you doing here?”
    Shang Tsung: “I am here to fix the mistake that was this game’s ending. We are not doing another continuity reboot. I mean, counting Shaolin Monks, we’ve already done MK 1 3 times already!”

  14. Hosein Kazemi says:

    Dr. Strange is using shang tsung’s voice as a bait lure Raiden and Liu kang to the portal so they can help them fight Thanos

  15. give me your pringle please says:

    Godamn it, Raiden gave all his powers to Liu Kang and Raiden turned back to human and now Shang Tusng is back To stop Liu Kang from resetting the timeline Give Raiden a break already! He’s been through enough!

  16. Pyro says:

    Raiden: “I must consult with Liu Kang.”

  17. CC Elite says:

    What if… you wanted to restart time, and Shang Tsung said:

    *_On your left_*

  18. TurtleDude Tokio says:

    Liu Kang: How about joke Raiden
    Shang Tsung: No i think we had enough of your jokes

  19. Darth Revan says:

    *Danger shows up*
    Raiden: I must consult with the elder Gods…oh shit I forgot

  20. That Bloo Guy says:

    “Hey, Raiden.”
    “What is it, Liu Kang?”
    “So I can, like, rewrite ALL of history now, right?”
    “… Can I make the Terminator real?”

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