Mosquitoes bite you more if you do these 5 things

Mosquitoes bite you more if you do these 5 things

What makes mosquitoes like one person over others? There are five things that you should know which make mosquitoes bite you more.

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20 Responses

  1. Noah says:

    I think they r attracted to good looks cause I have bites everywhere

  2. Harry Morgan says:

    here in Nigeria, we bite mosquitoes

  3. adolf hitler says:

    I don’t think I can do *pregnant* or *blood type* tech insider should change the title it’s misleading

  4. Ovy Garcia says:

    Thank god I live in LA

  5. James Theus says:

    Mosquitoes need to just become extinct. I don’t care how it affects the ecosystem.

  6. Forum for Democracy says:

    So when I’m fat they come after me and when I work out to get rid of the fat they still come after me… I guess I’m doomed.

  7. Luisa Regina says:

    A fat pregnant woman with blood type O who for some reason is exercising and breathing heavy after drinking a beer

  8. User S says:

    always lock the door and check if there’s any mosquitoes before i sleep, 3 hours later i wake up with my body looking like a battlefield

  9. Sweet old meme says:

    did you seriously say fat people get bit more by mosquitos?? My SJW Liberal side is getting TRIGGEREDDD

  10. THICC Bunpussy says:

    So , once I slept in a tent with my 2 fat friends and I was bitten 6 times while they were absolutely unharmed and I can assure you that I am a skinny 15/M,I dont work out and not a heavy breather, didnt drink a beer that night , my blood type is B and definitely not pregnant.
    How about this?!!?

  11. vape80. says:

    So a fat pregnant women with a blood type of O thats drunk on beer excercising is fucked

  12. lvlaple4Ever says:

    We can’t just “change” our blood type you know…

  13. Claire Brennan says:

    Oh no my son is o blood type

  14. rocknroller 418 says:

    Of course type O blood lol just had to be type O
    team O negative

  15. Nathan Radich says:

    “A small study found”… I’m by no means saying it’s bull shit, not at all, but that’s sort of a red flag. Isn’t?

  16. Purple Mayhem says:

    Apparently my dad my brother and my sister have type O blood cuz they’re like mosquito magnets mosquitos only bite my if I’m either hot and sweaty or if I’m destroying their home

  17. Alex Yandel Torres Rosado says:

    Who else are fat ladies gonna attract

  18. slimkt says:

    Poor pregnant ladies.

  19. kar ras says:

    nah nah nah NOT THE BEER

  20. uhhh hhh says:

    #1: exist

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