most epic vehicle jump ever!!

most epic vehicle jump ever!!

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20 Responses

  1. Jeremy Stout says:

    Epic arrogant stupidity, yup!

  2. Jake Green says:

    The butthurt in these comments is for real. It was a cool video, stop over
    analyzing things and being a whiny bitch. Stop finding reasons to get
    offended and stop trying to seem like the only moral and level minded
    person on earth. Its annoying and makes you seem more like an ass than
    anything else.

  3. Dad No, Please. says:

    fake and gay

  4. RycherMaxx says:


  5. jerry hello says:

    Question: Just how bored are we in the US?
    Answer: This bored.

  6. watchcloak says:

    Holy shit these fucking retarded assholes in these comments.

  7. AFT DUDE says:

    the nose plug made this video go from epic to douche bag instantly.

  8. Brett Bergener says:

    I wish this was me…

  9. Troph2 says:

    i love all the comments about the environment. its probably some nasty ass
    industrial run off slew/catch pond anyways.

  10. digiclowded says:

    Just a little tip for you pansies who have to hold your nose when you enter
    the water. Just breathe air out of your nose as you hit the water. Simple
    as that.

  11. wouldntyaliktono says:

    He wasn’t holding his nose. He was extinguishing his Tom Selleck mustache.

  12. Hoggs Bosson says:

    what an idiot rofl.

  13. fullfunk says:

    you don’t need to plug your nose while diving i only see dumb chicks doing

  14. 888haze says:

    what a waste of a car and gas and parts, a pond, and also thats how you
    start forest fires. dumbass

  15. Gabriel Siqueira (Insert Name Here) says:

    What about that butt plug?
    Oh, wait…

  16. Lacombe57 says:

    reddit. That explains everything.

  17. MrRPG Man says:

    What!? This has to be FAKE

  18. Ethan Pettit says:

    676 pussies disliked this.

  19. Lorik IsGod says:

    is he kill?

  20. Blazergaming 101 says:

    0:07 LEEROY JENKINS!!!!!