Most Korean Fire Noodles Ever Eaten (x15 Packs) | 불닭 볶음면 도전

Most Korean Fire Noodles Ever Eaten (x15 Packs) | 불닭 볶음면 도전

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Revisiting the Korean Fire Noodle Challenge 4 years later!! Just.. a whole ton more!

Most people have tried 1 pack, a handful have dared to do a whole 5-pack, most I’ve ever seen is 6 by Zach Choi (, but no one has ever eaten 15 before!! Can I manage the heat? Watch and see.

Watch the last Korean Fire Noodle Challenge I did!!


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56 Responses

  1. Alessandro says:

    Next video:Eating alien from area 51

  2. 4ϻ NeXt says:

    Toilet: I need more “food”

    Matt stonie: Hold my shit

  3. i_NAJWA_ says:

    Gosh I’ve eaten one noodle and couldn’t stop crying, how u did that !!!

  4. Jeremy says:

    You should’ve been drinking milk too. With the water.

  5. TheDogFoxCat !! says:

    It’s bigger than his stomach size ???
    I have no idea how it fits?

  6. Kathy Lin says:

    Matt in the beginning:it would not be spicy
    Me: are you kidding
    Matt at the end:AHaHAh HOT
    Me:?? told you so??❤️

  7. Le Doge says:

    6:49 this boy looks like a high clown that has been with 5 years old kids all day

  8. 윤서연 says:

    Respect from Korea!
    You beat 불닭볶음면?
    Watch out your stomach!
    That would be in fire?

  9. Venom- Sky says:

    Matt stonie : eats 15 packs of fire noodles

    Stomach : *Yeet , that’s a lot of damage*

  10. LiamTube 352 says:

    After he ate these noodles the toilet was like “ahhhh shittt here we go again”

  11. Coc Clash says:

    You do this almost every video, yet you have no phone stand?? Lmao

  12. •ŞounĐ_ĒrroŘ.ExEtiør• says:

    Matt: 15 packs spicy noodles challenge!
    *Matt’s stomach runs away*
    Matt: wHy aRe YoU RuNnInG!1! WhY aRe yOu rUnNiNg!1!?!11?1!

  13. POTATO GAMING says:

    Matt: eats 15 packs of fire noodles

    Toilet: am I a joke to you?

  14. Jay Hwang says:

    Matt: let’s eat 15 bags of fire noodles

    Toilet: Am I a joke to you?

  15. Sneha Poudel says:

    5:03 :spicy?
    What would u expect frm 15 pack o fire noodles??

  16. Rajim Vilar Ph says:

    You’re so awesome??…forever best man who loves to eat,
    Eating challenge?

  17. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    Legend says matt stonie broke 15 toilets after this challenge.

  18. Yully Lindawati says:

    This is how many people wants spicy korean noodle right now

  19. AMB Channel says:

    Matt : eats 15 packs fire noodle
    Butthole in the morning : “I am Speed”

  20. 10,000 Subs with no Videos says:

    Matt: Spicy Noodle Challenge

    Toilet: *Here we go again*

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