Most Lives Matter | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Most Lives Matter | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

The American way of life is under siege by a group of activists who want nothing less than to not be shot.

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20 Responses

  1. Hatchepsut says:

    these guys are making good points, black lives matter should change its
    name, and its attitude.

  2. justelvin says:

    and the true racists are…

  3. Cammie Cole says:

    Regarding the woman near the end that’s nervous of being disrespectful: I’m
    black, and I honestly don’t care if someone calls me black or African
    American. Like the interviewer said, it’s okay to ask whether something
    you’re doing is offensive. It’s very much appreciated and always

  4. Zac Pritcher says:

    But who picked the cotton that went into the white man’s ears?

    That was satire by the way.

  5. LegoSolgeFilms says:

    this is cancer

  6. Missy L. says:

    I loved this educating yourselves is all it is guys. Whether you support
    BLM or not i appreciate those people who are open to learning of its aims
    or those who actually do their research. Aside from the BLM conversation
    I’ve actually always wanted to have a conversation with a racist person
    (without the slurs of course) just a deep convo of how and why they have
    that mindset you know?

  7. JosephJamesScott says:

    I think this shows that Republicans aren’t horrible people, just ill
    informed people.

  8. Rascallion says:

    what is this?

  9. Bobby Boucha says:

    I foun the segment about Black lives Matters bring a little light about the
    people who vote and chear for trumps words and I would have to use the word
    ignorant just for the lack of a better one and that ladey was asking simple
    questions, how can you talk down to someone’s cause if you don’t know i
    what it is about or have a false Narrative of it?

  10. Epicfail863 says:

    if i had to rate this on a cancer level i would put this right around
    buzzfeeds level

  11. TST says:

    BLM, nor black people know what their movement is about and what exactly
    they stand for. What we see are actions… blocking traffic, looting and
    rioting, shouting “What do we want? Dead cops!”, until cops have been
    killed, and a group of people defending criminals (like Michael Brown)
    without any clear message or point. How is making fun of white people at
    the RNC really helping this cause?

  12. jmleaisureable says:

    white lives matter, stop taking white people’s tax money and giving it as
    food stamps to the lazy black lives

  13. alex skarman says:

    i find the interviewers line of questioning extremely dishonest, supporting
    a group called black lives matter, has nothing to do with thinking that the
    lives of black people have the same value as anyone else

  14. Dank Pank says:

    BOooOOOooooOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heckling just isn’t the same on the

  15. Zachary Johnson says:

    White people please just stop. I’m so ashamed.

  16. Caleb Lambright says:

    Miserable liberal hypocritical feminist counts

  17. Ruan Niemann says:

    BLM cant even say All Black Lives matter.

  18. TheCanadiangirl4 says:

    Aw, love the fact it ended on a happy note. Nicely done Sam Team!

  19. Khal Brogo says:

    2:35, yes there is- by not deifying thugs who are shot by police in self
    defense when they pull a gun on them during a lawful traffic stop, but not
    indicting police officers without a shred of evidence of culpability in
    order to quell a riot, by not invoking “white privilege” as an excuse to
    not listen to informed opinions that differ from your own, by not chanting
    “what do we want? DEAD COPS! When do we want them? NOW!” at your marches
    then insisting your message is one of peace…. there are many things you
    can do.

  20. delawaredistroyer says:

    Almost all elections are rigged. This is not a white problem but rather a
    jewish zionist issue.