Most Painful Things A Human Can Experience

Most Painful Things A Human Can Experience

Today we will focus not so much on those macabre aspects of human nature, but on pains anyone of us could suffer today. Join us on this excruciating tour of how much we can hurt in this episode of The Infographics Show, The Most Painful Things a Human Can Experience.⭐SUBSCRIBE: ⭐

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20 Responses

  1. ImNotGoodAtThis says:

    One of my friends was sledding when he lost control on some ice and smashed into a tree, he broke is Femur, shattered his left wrist and hand and cut open his liver, I can only imagine how much that would hurt

  2. Hem Shah says:

    One of the worst pains is being kicked or punched in the balls. SERIOUSLY.

  3. BuddyBoiEzz HeyBoys says:

    I stubbed my toe against my bed and I cried for hours in pain(like if you agree)

  4. Clifton Williams says:

    It’s simple… A kick in the balls is the worst pain ever

  5. aztecpride2014 says:

    Women give birth and later they are alright with having another child… ask how many men would want to get hit in the balls again after a good shot

  6. Baltasar Fhors says:

    Put a toothpick under the nail on your big toe and kick your foot in a wall…

  7. Cedar says:

    A study showed that child birth has around the same amount of pain affiliated with it as to getting kicked in the balls. Well, women give birth only like what? 3 times in their life, when men get kicked in the balls EVERY FUCKING DAMN DAY!!!

  8. Pikachu Smasher says:

    The worst pain I’ve ever experienced is getting stung by a scorpion. Lemme explain
    So I was sleeping on the coach downstairs instead of my bed. I grabbed a blanket on the floor not knowing that a scorpion was hiding in it. While I was sleeping I got jolted awake by the stung, but I didn’t know what happened. I watched TV for about 30 minutes until I felt pains in my neck and tried to go to sleep. While I was laying down the scorpion was right under me and it stung my back. I saw it and immediately ran to my parents saying, “I GOT STUNG BY A SCORPION” they immediately called poison patrol and I was taken to the hospital. When I got there I got my iv checked and I saw a giant needle going into my flesh. I wasn’t really scared of needles but now I was a bit more scared of them. Anyway I went home and I had double vision because of the medicine. I saw Jesus at my kitchen table feeding children And I tried to catch a 2nd water bottle. Somehow I fell asleep and everything was fine!
    You people read a lot
    Edit: I have a allergic reaction to venom so it was pretty bad…

  9. Malachi Steiner says:

    Palestine becoming a nation is painful for me.

  10. Cesar Vialpando says:

    The most painful thing I experienced was when I was little and I was taking a bath and for some reason I got the idea of sticking my dick up the shower faucet and it got stuck lol

  11. Brook Miller says:

    There are 2 genders

    And you know that too

  12. Brett Werner says:

    I think witnessing the Trump presidency tops all of it

  13. Hope Hurteau says:

    VIDEO IS IGNORANT. what about emotional pain? hate and anxiety? what about brain chemistry? low dopamine and low serotonin?

  14. Temmie Chang says:

    The most painful experience you can have is being friend zoned

  15. Clorox Bleach says:

    Most pain full thing is disappointing your parents

  16. Eaten Gryphon says:

    Who else saw that Ant and thought
    “Brave wilderness”

  17. Christian Horta says:

    feminist: men cheating

  18. Mamediarra Ndoye says:

    When you stub your toe on the corner of furniture ??

  19. Rui G says:

    The most painful thing I have ever experienced was Obamas presidency

  20. The Infographics Show says:

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