Motionless In White – Masterpiece [Official Video]

Motionless In White – Masterpiece [Official Video]

Motionless In White’s official video for ‘Masterpiece’ – available now on Roadrunner Records.

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Director Max Moore
Executive Producer Max Rose
Executive Producer Felicity Jayn Heath
Executive Producer Djay Brawner
Production Company Tuff Contender
Producer Emily Blevins
DP Nate Spicer
Steadicam Spencer Meffert
1st AC Michael Palaez
Gaffer George Noe
Best Boy Electric Zach Erwin
Best Boy Grip Austin Koester
Swing Bobby Spaulding
Makeup by Erin Nakashima
Key Makeup Trevor Thompson
VFX Makeup Rick Prince
Makeup Artist Erin Nakashima
Production Designer Jacob Weaver
Art Director Zach Driscol
PA Alex Pace
PA Cory Lucas
CCO Stacie Conard
Editor Max Moore
Color Max Moore
VFX Nic Torres / Fractal VFX

All the stupid lies and the stupid games
Left a vacancy in this picture frame
A prisoner by my own hands
Cause if I can’t have me, then no one can

I need to heal what I inflict
But I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it
As I play roulette with a broken gun
I confess these sins with a sharp and spiteful tongue

So how do I apologize, and put the tears back in your eyes,
When every canvas that I paint, is a masterpiece made of my mistakes?

Outlined in guilt, my portrait stares
In a gallery where the walls lie bare
As I modernize my antique ways
True colors can’t escape the brush of fate

So how do I apologize, and put the tears back in your eyes?
On every canvas that I paint, is a masterpiece made of my mistakes.

Illustrate all my pain
And set it all ablaze

So how do I apologize, and put the tears back in your eyes,
When every canvas that I paint, is a masterpiece of my mistakes?
And in the light of my demise, I see my failures in your eyes
Every canvas that I paint, is a masterpiece made of my mistakes.

#motionlessinwhite #masterpiece #scoringtheendoftheworld

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28 Responses

  1. Min Arckeman says:

    Que obra de arte, tudo que essa banda faz é incrivelmente maravilhoso

  2. Maoli says:

    A voz do Chris, a música, a melodia, as guitarras, o baixo, a bateria, a filmagem… Tá tudo tão perfeito…. E condiz com a música… MASTERPIECE

    • Nicolas Romano says:

      @Carol Passos se você não criticar uma banda que sai daquilo que você mais gostava, você passa aceitar menos qualidade e fidelidade aos fãs, um dos artistas que mais são exemplos nesse sentido é Marilyn Manson nunca deixou 100% seu estilo tanto que o Chris motionless coloca diversas referências em seus shows ao Marilyn poucos sabem disso.

    • edu oliveira says:

      @Antônio Vitor virgem

    • edu oliveira says:

      @Nicolas Romano Mama eu

    • Nicolas Romano says:

      @Carol Passos Miw ficou conhecida por misturar ritmos de bandas como linkin park, slipknot e Marilyn Manson, não é questão de ser “chato” é continuar com aquele gostinho de metal, tanto que nos próprios shows a única música nessa vibe que se mantém é eternally yours para ele distribuir rosas aos fãs, Chris motionless não é deste ritmo lento e já disse isso em entrevistas ele faz porém não é o que ele gostaria sempre.

  3. lianaroseee says:

    “true colors can’t escape the brush of fate” such an amazing lyric, this song is beautiful and the music video portrays the pain behind it perfectly. Love the easter eggs!

  4. Nanda Sillva says:

    Meu grande amor, essa banda nunca me decepcionar! Amo demais essa banda e meu grande ídolo Chris 🖤🖤🤘

  5. Chrisdead 27 says:

    This song reminds me of “Enternally Yours” and with Breaking Benjamin. This song really beautiful and really speaks against being trapped in a masterpiece and can’t be free mentally.

  6. Olivia says:

    MIW was with me through middle school all the way to high school to college, then now where I’m all on my own. Got me through the toughest years of my life, especially when my dad passed away last year. Thank you for continuing to make the absolute best masterpieces and being an amazing band – you never disappoint!

  7. Timothy DeNoon says:

    Cyberhex was OUTSTANDING!! This song is ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS!!!! Im gonna lose my mind when i can hear the entire album. Cant wait for it!!!! Excellent job!!!

  8. Replicaate says:

    It’s like Another Life and City Lights’s even more anthemic, heartbreaking child. If this and Cyberhex are indicative of the songs on Scoring… we are in for a GREAT album.

  9. Ash Ketchum says:

    Chris’ vocal talent is brutal, this man with his band still brings metal to life

    • Jared Menichetti says:

      Spencer and Chris have both of the amazing voices I’ve ever heard! 🔥🔥🖤

    • Cassidy Alexandria says:

      @Rohan Mckimmie this is their “radio song” chris has said it in a recent video, this track is metal made for radio. Defo not pop lmfao

    • Cassidy Alexandria says:

      @JellyGunner I feel like if the passion can still be felt live then it just tops everything else

  10. GMAC says:

    Love hearing metal bands that still do ballad-esque type songs

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