Motley Crue’s final show in LA New Years Eve 2015.

Motley Crue’s final show in LA New Years Eve 2015.

Tommy Lee gets stuck on drumming roller-coaster

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20 Responses

  1. steve Z says:

    I wonder if OSHA has seen this?

  2. CamShot videos says:

    Shame on everyone with the phone. Watch the show in a tv, morrons.

  3. Nella Crosiglia says:


  4. leonowski says:

    Benson did this on Regular Show.

  5. DragonboltBlastter says:

    I thought Motley Crue was a Rock (Hair/Glam, Heavy Metal) band not some
    “‘drum on a techno beat” band… whats wrong with them, play some Rock N’

  6. Dead Planet says:

    Nice techno jam at a Motley Crue show.

  7. BakerImageGroup says:

    Serves him right for bringing Bruno Mars into the mix!

  8. ATEU VER says:


  9. Todd Reeder says:

    I wonder how much the roller coaster Tommy Lee was on cost.

  10. William Mann says:


  11. vgrande666 says:

    fuck him!! he didn’t stay true to heavy metal/rock playing that piece of

  12. J.C. M says:

    This is how society as whole looks through alien eyes. All of it. Just so
    strange and vain.

  13. Paragon Excellence says:

    Who the fuck are you?

  14. artdrtr2 says:

    LMFSBO what a Spinal Tap moment!!!!

  15. Robert Savage says:

    I was there! Concert ruled!

  16. Tom Miller says:

    *Tommy Lee swears so much — it’s a sign of an uneducated mind*

  17. Olivia Grant says:

    Lol uptown funk

  18. Potter bat says:

    Why am I watching this…

  19. Meme Notyou says:

    So…how the fuck are they going to top this in a few years? They keep
    going bigger with it. They used to just spin him in the 80s, then he went
    up, down, side to side then early 90s it was all of the above and lifted in
    front of the stage…then in the early 2000s it was a circle he would spin
    on…now a roller-coaster…2 years from now, a rocket into space.

  20. rio verde says:

    I didn’t know Justin Bieber was the drummer of motley