Mount St. Helens is about to Blow Up

Mount St. Helens is about to Blow Up

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66 Responses

  1. Stephen Albright says:

    Wow good lord this is in fact your best work. Immediate classic. We will be singing this still 30 years from now holy crap

  2. Vortexia says:

    1:38 Easter eggs. Famous movie stars iphone power block and pen appear on the TV

  3. 2E the first says:

    the last time Mount St.Helens blew up was pretty ebic

  4. Sarah R-B says:

    I’m more and more certain Bill Wurtz just uses Youtube as a dream diary…

  5. Tara Beram says:

    This is a bip-bip booo bep byeow-boooooooo kind of song

  6. phanic! at the disco says:

    Mount St Helens is going to blow up because the sun is a deadly Lazer.

  7. Insxne says:

    I recommended watching this while stoned

  8. DSM says:

    I wish you lived inside both of my ears.

  9. David Wallerstein says:

    So if I’m understanding this correctly…
    Bill Wurtz has become Mount St. Helens????

  10. Dark Megumin says:

    0:55 How to know you’re not in hell 101

  11. rei says:

    2:43 me trying to hit that 1000 word count

  12. Dwaaling says:

    I’m 80% convinced that bill wurtz travelled back in time from the future to give us encrypted messages for us to figure out. These are his messages.

  13. iPhoneeditor says:

    If Mt. St. Helen’s actually blows up anytime soon Bill Wurst is officially an oracle.

    • CreeperPL says:

      if it blows up gonna sell all dow jones shares

    • thecianinator says:

      I have some… Interesting news for you from 1980

    • Peter Webb says:

      Yeah dude I’m sure if the dow goes to literally zero the dollar will be doing just fine. Great plan.

    • NoisyCricket42 says:

      +Peter Webb To be fair, the Dow isn’t actually a great indicator of overall economic health. While yes, it has many of the top companies, it only incorporates 30 out of several thousand publicly traded corporations. The media likes to push simple numbers like that as if it can gauge overall economic health because it’s simple. If every company in the Dow went bust at the same time, while things would be rough for a bit until others moved in to gobble up their market share, it doesn’t mean that the rest of the economy is doomed.

  14. human person says:

    i live in washington state. i was born the year mt st helens blew up and this is 100% accurate and fair reporting

  15. Annette the bageutte says:

    *Me trying to ignore my anxiety*

  16. SilentNite says:

    The more I watch of bill the more he scares me

  17. Luiz Felipe Man says:

    “The Dow Jones just fell down to zero”

  18. MegaLolligagger says:

    wait this song actually has structure, what have you done with the real bill wurtz????


    *When the aliens come let’s use this to explain mankind*

  20. MangoTangoFox says:

    0:48 Is style I don’t think I’ve heard you do yet, it sounded really nice!

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