Mountain of Extra Crispy Fried Chicken Challenge (13,500 Calories)

Mountain of Extra Crispy Fried Chicken Challenge (13,500 Calories)

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Can I conquer the Mountian of Fried Chicken???
45pc of Extra Crispy Fried Chicken, weighing 12.5lbs (bone-in), and 13,500 Calories!!!


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41 Responses

  1. Sonia’s Way says:

    Matt’s organs aren’t scared of the grease, in fact the grease is scared of his organs

    (I also make videos about things)

  2. Raul says:

    me: goes to kfc to grab some fried chicken
    kfc: hey.. matt stonie was here today.. sorry

  3. Steven Dolce says:

    Colonel Sanders called: He wants his chicken back.

  4. fp123 456 says:

    Matt’s past life he must have been starving

  5. Baron Torres says:

    Matt: *eats food*

    Gluttony: Am I a joke to you?

  6. Help me get monetized says:

    Matt Stonie should be crowned the anti-vegan king

  7. The Hermit says:

    I’m on a diet and haven’t had fried chicken in a while. I’m dying inside right now.

  8. The Kings2758 says:

    Me: What do you mean there’s NO MORE CHICKEN!?

    Popeye’s Employee: Sorry, Matt Stonie was here, *you know how it goes*

  9. Rana says:

    *Goku super saiyan has joined the chat*

  10. I dont know a name says:

    Matt Stonie: has multiple world records, a big YouTube channel
    ME: likes my own comment

    • Kurostyle says:

      At least your honest. Maybe person who most often likes his own YouTube comments will be your legacy

  11. Calvin Tien Fishing says:

    “Heat sweats” Matt, those are just called sweats

  12. LifeWithElliee says:

    It’s funny how he be getting full then he starts wiggling around to get the food down 😂😂😂😭😭

  13. HandsomePhantom says:

    “I havent eaten fried chicken in over a year”

    -proceeds to eat a years worth of fried chicken to catch up.

  14. r1ynツ says:

    This man is Colonel Sanders’ worst enemy and best friend.

  15. Oghren says:

    No one is playing those weird games that no one has ever heard of.

  16. 10k subs before 2021 challenge says:

    When he saying he can eat a hole horse he ain’t kidding

  17. 10k subs before 2021 challenge says:

    Matt must have such a good life. Eats a lot, doesn’t get fat and earns money

  18. Lil uzi Advert says:

    Honestly would rather eat this then endure what the guy from “lucky charms breakfast bar is destroying me” had to go through

  19. Tyler Hartman says:

    Everyone: this is so sad.
    Matt Stonie in the background: *and this funeral is sponsered by raid shadow legends*

  20. Teh-Fat-Cat says:


    The Blackscreen title: *MOUNTIAN OF FRIED CHICKEN*

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