Movember Mustache Removal 2015 (not for kids)

Movember Mustache Removal 2015 (not for kids)

Thanks all for shares and donations! Here’s how I removed my mustache for Movember 2015, ironically for men’s health! Well, it is good if it provides exposure to the cause! BUT DON’T try any of these at home! Unlike you puny mortals I have very tough skin and some expertise to go with it!

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Human powered cell-phone charger:
Jump start with AA batteries:
Pink Fluffy Unicorn:

By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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20 Responses

  1. BobTaH says:

    What did I just watch?

  2. b1ldin bee says:

    you look like one of the village people

  3. Atzy says:

    I thought the leather daddy look suited you, maybe you should try it for a
    month and see if it does anything for you ;)

  4. Liquid CsOH says:

    I got some good LOL’s out of this video. No need to hurt yourself though.
    I really do love your electricity videos. You make learning fun. And
    being an electrical grad, knowing in advance the bad things that will be
    happening make it all the more fun to watch

  5. ~☆ XzCraftP ☺♂ says:

    did exactly same with fuel on hand
    and burned hairs on my arm

  6. Ryan G says:

    The real story here is how badly that bandaid is going to hurt when it
    comes off his leg.

  7. Daniel Lelievre says:

    please dont do too far to make us laugh! Your safety is much more important
    than few likes on Youtube

  8. Kowadelko says:


  9. Danilo Amorim says:

    Shave your balls kkkkkk

  10. Hugh Janus says:

    Don’t ever forget what Obama says and believes, “Muslim Call to Prayer One
    of the Prettiest Sounds on Earth.” Once you realize who he really is,
    everything he does makes sense.

  11. tigers14 says:

    mehdi the masochist

  12. Babak Attack says:

    khoshtip ;)

  13. N English says:

    Funny as usual. Great way to start the day.

  14. Leandro Mogni says:

    ah, pero es un b….. importante

  15. GeeDoggy123 says:

    This was so painful to watch.

  16. rowtow13 says:

    At 4:22 I paused and considered unsubscribing because I feel like I’m
    encouraging you to set yourself on fire by being a subscriber and I really
    don’t want you to burn to death.

  17. Виктор Ивченко says:

    Попробуй бензопилой, – получится.

  18. Brit 'n Yank says:

    Holy crap, dude! I can’t wait until next year when you shave with a
    straight razor while jumping out of an airplane!

  19. Mclean J says:

    i just had to comment on this video.. lmao

  20. big daddy says:

    try your eyebrows