Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 More Actors’ Accents | WIRED

Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 More Actors’ Accents | WIRED

Dialect coach Erik Singer once again analyzes the accents of some of Hollywood’s biggest names. How accurate were their accents, really?

Check out more from Erik here:

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Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 More Actors’ Accents | WIRED

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48 Responses

  1. sbasireddy19 says:


  2. ansaree97 says:

    My mans out here the mouth sherlock

  3. Brenden Pragasam says:

    You should try to guess the accents of random submissions! Could make a VERY interesting video…

  4. Luisa says:

    This is like my favourite series on YouTube. This guy is so charming and witty and his humour is subtle and smart and I love the way he delivers jokes. I could listen to him explain accents for days.

  5. Benedicte Bolingo says:

    Is it only me but he’s kinda hot👀

  6. Linds Tee says:

    I was really blown away by Kate Winslet’s Australian accent after hearing all the bad/mediocre ones before her.

  7. Asch Eiymr says:

    I love the video editor having fun with it by making it seems like the actors are reacting to his comments

  8. Binka O says:

    Has he reviewed Armie Hammers Russian accent?

  9. Trimenia Wallengrenii says:

    Please analyse James Franco immitating Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist

  10. Jocelyn Garcia says:

    I have never clicked on a video faster in my life

  11. Aya Badawi says:

    Can you review Saoirse Ronan’s accent in Lady bird

  12. minimme says:

    yes welcome back linguistic dennis reynolds

  13. RolandsSh says:

    I keep getting impressed by the videos that youtube channels owned by Condé Nast puts out. Architectural Digest, Bon Appétit, Epicurious, Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair – all of them consistently release very interesting, highly informative, entertaining and well shot/edited videos. In the world of constant clickbait titles and drama 24/7, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Thank you, and, please, keep up the good job!

    • misha janette says:

      RolandsSh agreed! But fashion is not up to snuff. It needs to catch up… bring us something unique and less fluffy /kowtowing

  14. Sydney Riley says:

    I’d love to see him break down some of Saoirse Ronan’s acting 🙂

  15. Suzi Visser says:

    omg the way he pronounced isiXhosa was so precious. the click was way too emphasised but it’s still so much better than how most white South Africans pronounce it

  16. AvatarHallows says:

    Please please please do
    -the TV series Mindhunter and compare the real serial killers to the tv portrayals!
    -Martin Freeman does an amazing American Accent, but I’d like to hear Erik’s view.
    -Hugh Laurie on ‘House MD’!

    This is my favorite WIRED segment!

  17. Lilacx says:

    Can there just be a netflix show of eric reviewing movie and tv accents.

  18. Shawn Nielsen says:

    Suggestion: take a look at Cillian Murphy’s Brummie accent in Peaky Blinders

  19. Matthew Pezzulich says:

    Please never end this series. The amount of knowledge and care this series has is incredible!!

  20. Bitch ariel says:

    Red sparrow accent was trash lol it was so weird to watch

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