Movie Bloopers That Were Too Good To Delete

Movie Bloopers That Were Too Good To Delete

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Every year, the Academy Awards give out two Oscars for screenwriting. But so far, they haven’t awarded any Oscars for bloopers and ad-libs. Which is too bad, because some of Hollywood’s best moments are completely unscripted. Here’s a look at some epic movie bloopers that were kept in the movie…

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | 0:18
Fast & Furious 6 | 0:55
Zoolander | 1:26
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring | 2:12
The Martian | 2:40
The Birdcage | 3:12
Clueless | 3:38

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18 Responses

  1. daddyj4 says:

    Can’t think of the word delete with out thinking Broken Matt Hardy. DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!

  2. philip karidis says:

    What about Joker when the hospital blows up?

  3. KillerDog says:

    Have you seen the last jedi trailer!!!

  4. Mr Muffin says:

    Please do more of these videos ?

  5. Mick G. says:

    They left that awful blooper in the SW prequels…. The scene just between the opening credits of Episode one and the end of Revenge of the Sith.

    Everyone should look up ‘LEMON METAL’ and watch the reincarnation of Lemmy to citrus fruit!

  6. SuSmarTn says:

    I am really glad that they added the scene in Fast and the Furious where they prayed.

  7. Lucas Pedersen says:

    that Rogue One scene was funny as hell

  8. Coach Renaldo says:

    Here’s another blooper that’s too good to not be deleted: in Star Wars a New Hope, there is a scene where a bunch of storm troopers walk through a door. However, one storm trooper accidentally bumped his head on the doorframe as he walked through. Director George Lucas loved this blooper so much, that in the DVD release, there was a sound effect added to the bump.

  9. Gairick Twenty Six says:

    “You better hide that big ass forehead”

  10. Looper says:

    Which of these bloopers made you laugh the most?

  11. luckdragongirl says:

    K-2SO is my spirit droid.

  12. Bayan1905 says:

    God I miss Robin Williams. Growing up in the 80’s watching him, still can’t believe he’s gone. I think of all the actors in the last few years that died, none was bigger and will be more missed.

  13. Tom Cabler says:

    that robot in rogue one always makes me laugh ?

  14. D Jaquith says:

    ‘Havians’ priceless.

  15. Campingboy says:

    wow the Iggy azalea video looks different since the last time I watched it

  16. Katalabix says:

    Rogue One is the best Star Wars prequel yet.

  17. Tigey says:

    Donald Glover is a gift to this world I swear

  18. thenormalstate says:

    What about when DiCaprio accidentally cuts his hand in Django? Not funny but still cool…

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