Movie Flops That Hollywood Was Sure Would Be A Hit

Movie Flops That Hollywood Was Sure Would Be A Hit

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There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of a multi-mega-million-dollar movie making its theatrical debut… and nothing like the agony of watching it go down in flames. Not every big-budget Hollywood blockbuster makes bank at the box office, and sometimes, studios guess wrong about what will and will not perform. Here are some of the films that have been surprising disappointments…

47 Ronin | 0:20
John Carter | 0:52
Battleship | 1:34
The Lone Ranger | 2:14
Ender’s Game | 2:58
Fantastic Four | 3:32
Jupiter Ascending | 4:20
Mars Needs Moms | 5:04

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20 Responses

  1. Agent Fisher says:

    The emoji movie should be on here

    EDIT:I never had this many likes I’m i can do anything you know what I’ll make a figet spinner movie

  2. Henry says:

    I liked battleship and John Carter.

  3. Vectal Creative Retouching says:

    47 Ronin was brilliant!

  4. ROBYN MARKOW says:

    Notice these are all action flicks? I mean,you can only throw so many visuals at an audience;you better have a good script to back them up!

  5. thedakii1 says:

    do a surprising hits with lower budget next 🙂

  6. Davis Jackson says:

    They forgot about Tron: Legacy.

  7. TheMovieMyLife says:

    Jupiter Ascending was the only one I actually saw and it really is disappointing, to say the least.
    One thing I did like is the movie’s theory about why natural disasters happen on planet earth.

  8. Retro Ranger says:

    Regardless wether you love or hate these movies they are a financial flop do people on here not understand the title?

  9. Jason Bean says:

    the ff have been mistreated since film 1. doom had a completely different backstory. galactus is not a giant space cloud. sue and Johnny storm are white, blonde and blue eyed. I don’t understand why they couldn’t get such simple details right.

  10. aintdoinsh says:

    47 Ronin was a good movie

  11. ComfyTush says:

    I’m happy I payed for Ender’s Game.

  12. tetsubo57 says:

    I thought John Carter was quite entertaining. Battleship and Lone Ranger should be considered crimes against humanity however.

  13. Greenboy28 says:

    the thing is the wachowskis where never that good of directors. yes the first matrix movie was cool when it came out but has not held up well and everything else they have don is crap including the other matrix movies.

  14. Haik0 says:

    The Ender’s Game was a very good movie based on a great book.

  15. Noah C. Fisher says:

    Most of these entries are sci-fi movies… Just saying.

  16. Diegoeduardo PR says:


  17. Canal MiniMapa says:

    Tomorrowland? Anyone?

  18. Duke Frager says:

    I actually liked 47 ronin movies

  19. Jonathon Farrell says:

    John Carter I thought was really good..

  20. Dokie Wokie says:

    What about the Ghostbusters (2016)? It was a total flop

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