Movie Sequels deleted scene

Movie Sequels deleted scene

Heres a scene in the new video that I took out, I didn’t think it was /that/ funny and I didn’t have the time to finish it, but I thought it was cool enough to put on the internet. The storyboards were done by the amazing Hexrin so please check her out:
Let me know if you like these behind the scene stuff and if I should make more
Original video:

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42 Responses

  1. cark says:

    did this man just make a deleted scenes video right after he uploaded the video

  2. AaronTGM says:

    ‘Movie Sequels’
    36 seconds of James screaming about penguins failing

  3. Via foxladysledgehammer Drewery says:

    Absolutely nobody:
    YouTube comments:
    Absolutely nobody in the entire world..”

  4. Alexander Serrano says:

    Me:just watched movie sequels by James

    Me:this is soo good not knowing it was the same

  5. Superninja886 Gaming says:

    James: Am I allowed to like a spin off more then the original

    Store Worker: no

    James: *Mlg 360 no scopes him with a movie case*

  6. Chubby Grapes Tail says:

    Movie squeals. Those sounds of joy you make when watching your favorite movie.

  7. Peyotie Da_Coyote says:

    Absolutely nobody:
    James: Here take my recycle bin. Hope you enjoy my trash.

  8. PajamaLlama says:

    0:12 I love how the trash can is just the word :trash can”

  9. Sugarcube 7 says:

    James can you make a behind the scenes of how you animate your videos?

  10. --_ says:

    James: “Am I allowed to like a spin-off more than the original?”
    Everybody: Well yes, but actually no

  11. Claudia's Barbies says:

    I love you so much James!!!! You’re my favorite animator!!!!??????

  12. Asiboe says:

    I think you can consider a spin-off an original but with recycled characters and backstory ?

  13. Illuminati Studios says:

    Deleted scene or sequel?

    It’s a deleted scene.

  14. PowWow Animations says:

    Wouldn’t this be like ‘straight to dvd’ because it’s on the second channel?

  15. Caiden Urban says:

    Am I aloud to like a spin of more than the original


    “Throws book”
    Shut up

  16. DEATH IS LIFE says:

    I like this spin off better than the first video

    Sue me ?

  17. I is for Illustrator says:

    James: Spinoffs are just cashgrabs
    James: **posts his trash**

  18. martina otuonye says:

    Hard to to swallow pills:This video is a spinoff to the original video.

    Pewdiepie :AND THATS A FACT

  19. NTY Ching says:

    Alternate title: *James ranting about Penguins of Madagascar (Extended Version)*

  20. Sha&Shan DIY says:

    Hey person scrolling through the comments…


    small youtuber here✨❤

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