Movie Sequels

Movie Sequels

If this video does well I will make a sequel to it because I know you will like it and Im unoriginal 🙂
Scribble showdown ➤

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Big thanks to PapaSaber for doing the sound design:

And Pepiot for being my emergency background artist

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33 Responses

  1. Amani K says:

    The Odds1sOut I’ve got something to tell u…

    MoTo MoTo LiKeS yOu

  2. Enrico Couri says:

    Things to do in seattle:
    Go visit the space needle (DUH)
    and more!

  3. Oscar Scharrer says:

    HOW TO TRAIN YOUR FRICKING DRAGON 3 WAS BETTER THAN THE SECOND FILM! It was so well written and the scenes were beautiful and the animation was stupendous. And I’ve never cried over an animated film as much as I have with this one. So, agree to disagree

  4. ColorBlank Games says:

    Well sorry bestie ima skip ur birthday to go see the showdown xD

  5. Nobody Nobody says:

    But what about Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time?

  6. thehummingbellskits says:

    *looks at map of scribble showdown shows*

    …that is not where Brooklyn, New York is. XD

  7. mjtubeme says:

    The Lion King 2 was GREAT!!!!
    And this video was great!!!!!
    The Penguins of Madagascar Movie was good.
    But the Penguins of Madagascar TV show was Great!!!!

  8. Battle World Gaming says:

    James: If this does well ill make a sequel.

    *YouTube: 1# on trending*

  9. Ange’s Hockey-Verse says:

    Do you think you can start doing captions again? I am loosing most of my hearing and I always use captions. Btw I love you and your videos you make me laugh so much. Thank you ?

  10. awtumn says:

    For once, I actually got tickets to meet one of my favorite youtubers TwT!

  11. YA COPY MY NAME says:

    “193 595 521 dollars”

    69: *Am I A Joke To You*

    Noob Master 69: why…

  12. Battle World Gaming says:

    *This is how much people don’t want a sequel to Sonic live action movie*

  13. CraftingMyWayOut says:

    Yessss, i live in Az, same location as james, YET NEVER HAVE SEEN HIM…nows my chance

  14. Payton Jensen says:

    Anyone gonna talk about Surfs Up being a GREAT penguins movie?

  15. Egg with 20000 subscribers says:

    Nobody cares about sequels
    We care about 1 sequel

  16. Egg with 20000 subscribers says:

    “Any movie with an anthropomorphic character is a win for me”

    James, we can see your inner furry

  17. Egg with 20000 subscribers says:

    This is how many people think James’s videos are worth the wait

  18. Gaya Mor says:


    Have a good day everyone ❤.
    Always remember everything happens for a reason, and it’s ok not to be ok ❤.

  19. Asiboe says:

    The best thing about Shrek 2 was that American Idol bit at the end!

  20. ṬheỌdd1sỌuṭ Giveaway says:


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