MovieBob Reviews: PIXELS (2015)

MovieBob Reviews: PIXELS (2015)

MovieBob says Adam Sandler’s latest is an earlier contender for the worst movie of 2015 – and that’s when he’s being NICE!

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20 Responses

  1. itchyfishXD says:

    I feel like the only one who liked this movie…

  2. Tate Plays14 says:

    women!!! aren’t!!!!! objects!!!!!

  3. Kar Pool says:

    Your sass level is incredible

  4. Masdaw Galshini says:

    I know for a fact that Fury Road was fucking amazing, Ant-Man was fun, and
    Avengers 2 was a great fun action movie. Why? Because they gave me reasons
    to like and care about the characters. I cared about Ant-Man because he was
    trying to fix his act by stopping his theft spree, but was forced into it
    when he realized it would take too long to see his daughter again. I cared
    about Furiosa because her plight was understandable, and her discovery
    about her redemption ending up as a false hope made her devastated. I cared
    about the Avengers because they wanted to save the world from a mistake
    that they made while they still had to help people. Pixels gave me nothing
    to care about it. The characters were annoying and the plot was a mess. The
    action wasn’t even that fun. In conclusion: see all the films that I used
    as examples for great action films, and fuck this movie.

  5. Kat Fox says:

    Tell us how you really feel..

  6. B Huse says:

    It should be noted that watching MovieBob’s dull limp rage slow simmer into
    a full-on world-ending, mutually-assured-destructive Firestorm was funnier
    and more entertaining than this movie was ever going to be.

  7. jacobblast says:

    honestly i think the idea of the movie was good but casting could have been
    alot better, and the story polished.

  8. Cael Salmond says:

    It’s really sad that it god awful because it’s such a good concept 

  9. lordofduct says:

    Wait… wait… wait.

    So I already knew everything said in this review.

    But I learned one new thing while watching it. Adam Sandler is from New

    ::googles this shit real fast::

    He is! He was born in NYC, but he grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire.

    OK… so this makes my pedantic anger over ‘Grown Ups’ that much worse.
    When I watched the movie I remember thinking, “wtf is it with everyone from
    NY and LA and they think the rest of the world is the size of a parking
    lot”. Because so often you see tv shows and films that take place in South
    Florida and they act like Miami to Key West is a 15 minute drive. Or like
    in the case of ‘Grown Ups’, that Boston, Agawam/Springfield (the water park
    they visit at Riverside… ahem Six Flags), and the fucking Berkshires can
    all be visited in a day trip.

    I always passed it off that the producers and writers probably aren’t from
    there, so even when the crew gets there for filming if they even think to
    mention, “you do know we can’t visit these multiple land marks and still
    have sun light”, and it’s just tossed off as, “we already wrote it, so fuck

    But now I find out the asshole is FROM New England!?

    Fuck you Adam.

  10. Pete! At The Disco says:

    i kinda want to see it to see how bad it is. also same on pixels for making
    good charlotte make a song with waka flaka or whatever, im glad GC is back
    but no, just NO

  11. abletothink says:

    Someone needs to steal an animal control vehicle with cages, drive to
    Indiana and captured some wolves. Then, they need to drive to LA without
    feeding the wolves and making sure to stop and see the sights. Once they
    get there, drive to Happy Madison Studios (Tell them you’re delivering
    another shipment of bad jokes and they’ll let you in.), smack the cages and
    zap the wolves with cattle prod so they’re good and pissed off and let them
    loose. Crack open a beer and watch the carnage unfold.

  12. Sentinel Returns says:

    I knew all this as soon as I saw the first forced 5 seconds of the trailer,
    aaaand adam sandler ew whens the last time he was funny?

  13. Denpachii says:

    So, what did you REALLY think about the movie?

    Don’t hold back, be honest.

  14. Waddls Bricks says:

    Faviorite movie of the summer even though it was weird it was funny, and
    Iam seeing it again

  15. Atomicskull says:

    Well it’s doing poorly at the box office, so there’s that.

    Also the Futurama episode “Anthology of Interest II: Raiders of the Lost
    Arcade” broadcast in 2002 years before that short you mentioned.

  16. Ryan Amberger says:

    You’re hurting my ears!!! After watching this I’m literally terrified to
    see this movie. 

  17. marinas2003 says:

    why does this guy sound like hes whispering all this in his mothers
    basement ? lmao

  18. will3450 says:

    found your channel through this video, dont know what that says about my
    taste in movies but still this video is a fantastic tearing apart of a
    shite comedian/actor

  19. TheyCallMeTheSwede says:

    Just seeing Q*bert wetting itself is a good reason of itself to turn the
    other way. I am glad I saw that clip because if I see that in the theaters,
    I’d walk out.

  20. Camw1n says:

    This film abuses you.