Moving Out

Moving Out

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Music of Domics, Vol. 1 (Music from the Animated Series)

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Suite #317
Mississauga ON L5C 3Y8

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20 Responses

  1. TheEpic Oneization says:

    *-m y n e i g h b o u r i s a p r o s t i t u t e-*

  2. Miranda Chen says:

    My eyes were GLUED to the screen while watching this video.
    Ha, get it?? Okay imaleavenow.

  3. Azenji says:

    Dat Filipino accent was on fleek XD

  4. TheMegaBreakfast says:

    Want some fries.

    ( • – • )
    / >🍟

  5. meaza hetera says:

    $500-$600 dollars????? FAM. A one bedroom apartment in Seattle in a crappy neighborhood is like $1200.

  6. Tropicanza Gent says:

    His Mom’s accent is a true Filipino accent

  7. Ragdoll X says:

    _”My neighbour’s a prostitute…”_

    <==- - - - *_DEMONETIZED_* ./

  8. Pine Straker says:

    Good advice here. Stay home until you can afford to move out. There’s this big stigma in the west about living with your parents that just makes it bad for everyone involved. If you can stay home, do it and make some money, who cares if so-and-so friend has life figured out already. It’s not a race, you’ll get there on your own time and not have to have gone through the unnecessary struggle.

  9. Chaz Apple says:

    Conveniently, I am moving today.

  10. Cat With Cards says:

    dude what the hell?

  11. Adisatya Ryandyasta says:

    guess what? he draw himself fat🙆🙆

  12. Jhudaea Payton says:

    Pls next story needs to be that neighbor of yours

  13. Denise Plays says:

    Oooh, Dom. You gonna take up your *prostitute* neighbour’s offer?? 😉
    That’s a joke, by the way..
    Just.. letting you know..
    ._. Okay bye

  14. Emanuel Profir says:

    viDeO StaRts At 0:00

  15. Nathanimations says:

    Want some chips? 🍟

    Yeah we call them chips in the UK

  16. Annica413 says:

    0:20 Ano means what in Tagalog btw.

  17. NoNameGames says:

    I wanted to move out at 22 so 3 days after my bday I said to my mom “hey can I move out?” And she said “no not yet my baby just turned twenty two!” Then I told my mom I was voting for Trump (I didn’t) and she just pointed at the door and said “Out now” and then I said “thanks mom I love you”

    *3 days later

    My dad comes home from a business trip and sees my mom crying at the table whispering Donald Trump and my dad walks back out the door again.

  18. Sergent Anime says:

    Would you guys also watch a video of dom just complaining about things being uneven

  19. Ζω για τον Στρατο says:

    Here in Greece kids can stay with their family for many many years and nobody says anything cause it’s normal for us. And the family has no problem. They can stay home untill 40 and more. Ahh greek family. Greek parents always support their children.

  20. DemoLusion says:

    “My neighbour is a prostitute…”

    <==- - - - DEMONETIZED ./

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