Mozzy – Chill Phillipe (Official Video)

Mozzy – Chill Phillipe (Official Video)

Official Music Video by Mozzy – Chill Phillipe. © 2019 Mozzy Records

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48 Responses

  1. KhoggThaBoss says:

    Mozzy Fucc wit Fresno the long way… ???

  2. camdrewxii says:

    If you’re reading this I hope you become rich and successful ❗️

  3. loveperez87 says:

    Damn! Mozzy stays bar’d up like Golds Gym!

  4. Draco Mayfield says:

    I’m just happy at the fact he filmed this in Fresno! ?

  5. Mobbin Six4 says:

    & when it’s funk u know June gotta be on the beat ?

  6. Tino Hernandez Jr says:

    Mozzy Dropped a Music Video Here in Fresno By The Old Hotel FRESNO Building In Downtown Fresno Dissing Philthy Rich Called “Chill Phillipe” That’s Wussup 559 Mayne!

  7. Slime Beats says:

    I would like to see MOZZY do a Album with Yo Moneybag !!!

  8. jacoby illboi says:

    We got June back onna beat????⛽⛽➖?️?????

  9. runbho710 says:

    Dam ran into philthys diss first. Heard it and was surprised it was pretty good but then I listened to this. Mozzy killed phil

  10. KG says:

    Well guess I should stop waiting for Political ties 2

    • TGOD559 says:

      Family Affiliated 559 you know philthy was talking to lavish d before mozzy even signed mess he said he was talking to lav sinceearly 2018. This foo was playing both side talking to both mozzy and lav until he found out mozzy signed mess now out of nowhere grows balls and tells celly ru that he fuck with lav. That bitch shit

    • GodStephon says:

      +Real Canna Reviews Real Canna Reviews I’m thinking the same shit. They both on the same label. They both release diss tracks on the same day (3 hours between each other) philthy getting on mozzy page saying he coming out of retirement

  11. HaterzGonHate 559 says:

    East Side TU-LARE 209 MOB ! Rip oP ? Rip Nip REAL Ones Die Young .

  12. Jim Smith says:

    Damn did not know mozzy go at fools scalp like that .. mozzy da truth

  13. Tom Big Money Brady says:

    Ooooo it’s finna be a hella hot summer in Cali?

  14. IYO 1 Productions says:

    Shout out 559 Fresno !!!! Whole video shot In the city ????

  15. Chicago Finest says:

    I love mozzy hahaha…Please don’t die! Stay out the hood! That’s what you were grinding for ????

  16. Romeo Rich says:

    It seems like mozzy comes alive when someone attacks him. But I fukz with both of them and I hope it stays, just rap.

  17. Tali bandz says:

    I aint gon lie dis tough as hell. But this confirms this year gon be a #COLD ass #SUMMER

  18. Ant Plant says:

    5 summers ago it was Mozzy & philthy vs. db & lav. Now it’s lav & philthy vs. mozzy

    • Sac King says:

      juan navarro you sound about as dumb as a roxk lmao xlixk up wit Marv ? Marc ain’t nobody but a homeless bum now days. You a goofy ass MF

    • Khalil Thompson says:

      +juan navarro Dumb nigga, no bodies dropped in Philthy and Marvs beef, that was straight rap beef. Mozzy and Lav are in an active gang war these are two different scenarios. Not saying Mozzy 100% right but yall niggas keep comparing the two like they same thing smh.

    • 4Nite Hancho says:

      Mozzy ain’t got enough dough to funk with F.O.D

  19. MasseeBo says:

    Damnnnn I haven’t heard mozzy in hella long and he still spitting fact nd fire

  20. Mbk Jay says:

    YouTube stop playing put a fire button on that mf ??

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