Mr Beast Videos For 2040! S2E2

Mr Beast Videos For 2040! S2E2


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31 Responses

  1. The Game Bros says:

    Ok I feel like he would do them all but instead of a beach it would be another island knowing him😅

  2. Chris says:

    whoever runs the most miles in a country, becomes dictator of it

  3. Kayden Cooper says:

    Destroying the sun and surprising them with a new one

  4. ff21awsome says:

    Crashing a plane into a strangers house then giving them a mansion

  5. Isam says:

    “we killed Russia’s president and surprised them with a new one”

  6. Rose_Plays[Games} says:

    Whoever stays in the White House longest, keeps it.

  7. RENXWAL says:

    “Yeah, umm if you don’t mind me asking. How exactly did you guys meet?”
    “I did it for the money, but not in the way you think.”

  8. BaconLgendOfAimBot says:

    Slapping strangers then giving them 10 thousand dollars

  9. Nokiey says:

    Destroying the White House in surprising them with a new one

  10. atisuto says:

    For the second one here’s an even better one.”Locked in a bank vault with an escaped serial killer”

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