MrBeast Gave Me $1,000,000

MrBeast Gave Me $1,000,000

I won a million dollars from Mr. Beasts Game by winning a game of Hide and Seek. Here’s how I gave the money away. How long do you think you could have held your hand on the Tesla?

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21 Responses

  1. IndoNapping says:

    Love the video, there is so much content in one video, many challenges, and also donating to charity a lot. Great video, keep it up Zach.

  2. Austin Tylor says:

    Zach you’re literally an amazing person this video is truly heart warming I love the magic and what you do for everyone if you do choose to giveaway the money to me I could use it

  3. Danilo Soares says:

    well done man, keep doing the good that you’re doing.. honestly you’ve done so much, not many people in the world have come close.. go on vacation, treat your wife and kids. you won that money enjoy some of it!

  4. Bryan Linares says:

    I really love how you did this videos like a Mr.Beast one. I would definitely give that money to charity too. I think that’s the right way. Ppl really appreciate you for this kind of actions. Greeting from Perú 😃😃😃😃

  5. Secret says:

    Sometimes I wonder, is Zach in creative mode?

  6. cristianprocommand YT says:

    I would spend half of that money on donations to team trees and team seas and the rest I will give to my family because they have worked hard in all these years. Greetings Zack and thank you for everything you have done for us!!

  7. Addison Nahrgang says:

    I love what y’all are doing! Helping so many people the way y’all do is amazing! God bless!♥️

    • TELEGRAM ME@MrBeast80 says:

      Congratulations 💐💐 you have been selected among my shortlisted winners Dm and claim your price!!!!.

  8. BRATMI says:

    ur insane man, literally.. ur donations and entertainment really change the youtube industry

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