MrBeast Hit 100,000,000 Subs So I Did This…

MrBeast Hit 100,000,000 Subs So I Did This…

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MrBeast Hit 100,000,000 Subs So I Did This…with Preston 👊


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32 Responses

  1. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Let’s just appreciate how much effort he puts into these videos for us.

    • EnriquePlayz says:

      Yup he is a nice guy

    • Text me on telegram@👉official_preston👈 says:

      Congratulations 🙌
      You have won a prize
      Send a direct message right away 🆙🆙 for you to claim your package 💝🎁🎁🎁……

  2. Top10Speed says:

    The speed that jimmy hit the big milestone is insane. He deserves it!


    I think it is inspiring to see preston building something for his friend when he hits 100M subs that is just awesome and amazing. So thats why I watch preston he always gets me going and is loyal and kind and funny so we all need to appreciate how much he does for his friends


    89.9% of the comments here be like: he never fails to make me laugh, his content never disappoint us💗💗

  5. Jacob Kirby says:

    Perfect plan to surprise one of the greatest youtubers I’ve ever seen. Mr beast should get ready to get his next play button award. I hope Preston hits that many too someday.

    • Textme on Telegram👉@offical_stoke_twin👈 says:

      Congratulations lucky winner you have just won a price
      Dm to claim on telegram

  6. Hannah Spotnick says:

    So nice of you Preston, I hope your and Jimmy’s relationship continues to flourish

  7. sandouich says:

    starting to respect preston a lot more, always used to think he was just some annoying gaming creator but his videos are a lot more entertaining now

    • Charley_Plays says:

      I kinda get it me and my cousin used to make fun of him but now I appreciate him a lot more . I know that it’s hard to keep your mind clear and still respect your religion. I now tune into his channel everyday and I was so excited to get a fire merch blanket for Christmas.

  8. TheRedLinds 89 says:

    Shoutout to Jimmy for hitting 100 subscribers it wouldn’t have happened without our support he makes great content and thank you all👍👏

  9. Sophia Lane says:

    What a nice surprise for Jimmy. He really does deserve all this congratulations on 100m!!! ❤

  10. Liyah the onlyperson says:

    I actually watched the live stream I was literally crying for him I’m so proud

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