MTV’s Most Awkward Show

MTV’s Most Awkward Show

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this show is awesome!!!

mr. daniel gonzalez’s video:


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98 Responses

  1. Rivers Page says:

    Who’s here after Drew got nominated for the “Best White Guy Complaining” Award

  2. Cheng Teoh says:

    I’m a tad bit upset that there aren’t any actual ghosts on “Ghosted” …
    I came for the apparitions, not the drama.

  3. RedMD says:

    So to recap: This man got a girlfriend, just to make fun of her sexuality behind her back, and then they broke up, and then like half a year later he sends gangstalkers to force her to sit in a void with him and embarrass herself, and then says things wont work because she didnt tell *him* stuff.

  4. RAD EDITS says:

    I hope Jordan (or any victim on that show) knows that it’s 1000% ok to ghost somebody who is a toxic ex or even just a creep you don’t trust. This show really guilt tripped her into changing her mindset to be “ghosting = bad” ummm no. Her ex literally tracked down her email before they were even dating and then lied to her about his comedy shows and for the cherry on top, he tried to gaslight her on television… Jordan, you are not in the wrong here. We’re all rooting for you, queen.
    + if anyone cares, I actually have a story about this lol. I once had to ghost a friend after I found out they were lying to me and deceiving me for about a month. I couldn’t trust them anymore and they broke my heart so I had every right to block them. After I ghosted them, they made over 40 instagram accounts just to stalk me (like they would make an account, and when I caught them viewing my story or liking my post I would block them and the cycle continued until they got up to 40 accounts) and then they made two instagram hate pages for me… yea. People are fucking crazy. Don’t let anyone guilt trip you into thinking you’re wrong for leaving them. It’s your life, it should be your decision on who has access to it.

    • MINIBUN says:

      I hope you’re okay!
      Some people are insane. Make sure to take care of your mental health, I can’t imagine how much stress that creates.

    • Charlie Riordan says:

      Okkkkk ruined the joke!

    • wilsybhoy says:

      @I have an unhealthy obsession with spirals yeah this shows fake AF same as catfish lol can’t believe people actuslly believe this shit is real 🤣

    • GABRIELA MILLA says:


    • Sims it says:

      Wouldn’t it have been easier to end that friendship the regular way, though? Maybe, then, with some form of closure they would have been less prone to harass you like that? (Not saying it’s your fault at all. They are fully responsible for their bad actions. I’m just going against the narrative that ghosting would be a good thing. It’s not because Ross is worse that Jordan doesn’t have anything to improve on).

  5. bleeblor bleebloo says:

    “She sounds pretty traumatized” after they wouldn’t leave her alone. Smdh.

  6. Dope Ragu says:

    “she’s bisexual, and I’m like.. half a virgin”

    Uggfffhhhh when are people going to stop equating bisexuality with being sexually promiscuous?! Not that there’s anything wrong with sleeping with as many people as you want, as long as it’s safe and consensual (between adults obviously) – but bisexuality does NOT equal having sex with a ton of people! It just means you’re attracted to people of your own gender and of other genders – the end. Period. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    This myth needs to die… Immediately

  7. Arielle Lyons says:

    can we talk about the fact that the guy said “she’s openly bisexual, and i’m half a virgin” as if those two things have ANYTHING to do with each other

    • 444 says:

      @Ziad Ahmed Samy it has to do with the argument. answer the question

    • Ziad Ahmed Samy says:

      @444 This isn’t fun anymore. Don’t order strangers online kiddo. See ya

    • 444 says:

      @Ziad Ahmed Samy So you’re saying sexuality = chance of getting laid by the gender they’re attracted to right? And because she’s bisexual, she has a higher chance of getting laid because she’s attracted to more genders and that means she actually does get laid that amount right?

      Then a straight man should have chances of getting laid too, even if it’s not as high a chance as a bisexual, because he’s attracted to women. How come the straight man in the video is “half virgin” then? Why is it not relative to the amount of chance he has? According to your logic, the amount of experience you have is relative to the amount of genders you’re attracted to, so how come you have absolutely zero bitches?

    • Dog God says:

      @Ziad Ahmed Samy “He wasn’t attacking bisexuals, she actually did sleep around.” In that case, he should have said “She has slept around alot and I’m a half-virgin.” The fact that he brought up bisexuality at that point means he directly associates bisexuality with sleeping around. If he did not mean it that way, then he wouldn’t have even mentioned bisexuality. Not sure what you don’t grasp about this, seems pretty simple. BTW, calling people “kiddo” makes you seem like the kiddo. Also really defensive.

    • melanchøly says:

      @Ziad Ahmed Samy the stereotype that bisexuals have double the sex as other people is bi-phobic. that’s it. there’s no argument.

  8. Holly says:

    His lack of understanding when she cries… It’s so uncomfortable, he doesn’t understand why she’s upset and why a hug from him won’t help

  9. veggie straws says:

    “she’s bisexual, and i’m half a virgin” damn well i’m bisexual,, and a full virgin 😖💔

  10. rabbitsfoot33 says:

    “she’s openly bisexual and i’m still half a virgin” does he think all bisexuals sleep around

    • Ziad Ahmed Samy says:

      No if you do the math like he did it’d translate to him getting “half-laid” and her getting twice as many times because she lusts both genders. I think that’s how he meant it.

    • Airsickspace92 says:

      Ikr. I’m bi and yes I can be sexual and explain things about women to a guy who’s doesn’t always understand women. Which it’s not bad that he doesn’t understand women and I’m glad he’s asked questions it’s kinda nice to let people know new things. But also I can’t explain how awkward it is of how overly sexualized the bi people are especially women

    • balancebeambitch says:

      @Nate B. I think it means someone went down on him but he never had penetrative sex, a lot of people describe that as like a “halfway point”
      Edit: and by a lot of people I mean like young people or people who want it to seem like they have more experience than they do

    • Mica says:

      was about to make this same comment. his equalizing bisexuality with sexual experience is such a common microaggression lol. keep those harmful stereotypes alive dude 🙄

    • Xanimations says:

      I heard that too and immediately was like “ah, so you’re an asshole, I see the issue here.”

  11. Sol Button says:

    I’m more offended of the fact that the jokes weren’t even funny. There are some comedians who make jokes like that but in a clever and funny way.

    • Mr. Sandman says:

      he’s literally just going “eeyyyy my grilfriend 69???? ain’t that wacky????” is he 12

    • Frankie C says:

      The whole thing is fake

    • evieee says:

      @Mr. Sandman lmao exactly, it was like “so i have this gf and man… she’s crazy in bed haHaahaAhHAHAahahaHAhHAHa………..wild” like.. okay, thanks for the story about your sex life? WHERE’S THE JOKE?

    • Jeremiah Williams says:

      I totally agree but honestly in my opinion she didn’t really have much to be mad about. I expected him to call her a skank or something. The guy is still a massive creep, but I don’t necessarily think bad comedy is a reason to ghost somebody

    • evieee says:

      @Jeremiah Williams the fact that is was bad comedy isn’t the reason she ghosted him it was cus the comedy was offence.. you can’t talk in detail about her sex life with evening asking permission first

  12. vianna says:

    “She’s openly bissexual Im half a virgin” who tf do you think you are, Regina George?

  13. nobody says:

    even if the show is fake the message they’re sending is soooo bad wtf.

    • Caelan Quinn says:

      “are you a creepy incel who got dumped by a girl you liked even though you just talked shit about her? stalk her until she sits in a room with you and tell her she’s an idiot for being traumatised by you!”

    • Heather M says:

      It’s really telling. Whoever produced this is showing the way they think.

    • Be Happy says:

      People love it tho sadly

  14. Amy Trieger says:

    This show is so ridiculously fake that I’d rather watch Ridiculousness.

  15. Anne Silva says:

    “She’s openly bisexual and I’m half a virgin” dude being bi isn’t the same as being a whore mostly just means double the anxiety of getting rejected. I’m bi and only ever been with one person

    • Anne Silva says:

      @Meena I have no problems with sex workers or promiscuity lol never said it’s wrong to be a “whore” just that it’s not synonymous with any sexuality really, I don’t think it’s a bad word

    • Meena says:

      @Anne Silva ah okay, thank you for clarifying! I don’t think whore is a bad word either, in this context it just sounded like an insult initially, but I do get what you’re saying and agree.

    • G4meplayVids says:

      I love the wholesomeness of this interaction

    • i forgot says:

      i’ve been out as bi for over 4 years now and i’ve never been with anyone. never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do with your love life

    • Lydia Of Poggia says:

      Fellow bisexuals, let’s congregate in our hate of Ross.

  16. Kam says:

    I feel so bad for Jordan. they literally peer pressured that woman into being there and then it was practically like her ex was rewarded/victimized at the end for being an *sshole like he wasnt a total weirdo…

  17. xEpIcxGaMiNgx1 says:

    Dude’s stand up was horrible, didn’t make a single joke. Just said stuff.

    • Rob Grady says:

      thats what alot of people think Standup is recently lmfao

    • AmericanRoger says:

      @Nirio he was bombing lmao

    • Dog God says:

      @Nirio If you’re going to include jokes about anyone else’s personal life in your standup routine, you need to get their permission first. Not just a spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend, but family and friends as well. Literally every standup comedian who’s worth anything knows this.

    • Dog God says:

      @Jacqueline Radiobrain “This guy’s standup is garbage” isn’t a show of offense, it’s a statement of fact.

    • Jacqueline Radiobrain says:

      @Dog God yup that’s true. i see where my statement was illogical. though the tone of the original comment makes it seem like this is tuly “that dude” ‘s work which would connect him, who is hopefully acting the bit, to that piece of crap standup.

  18. Patterrz says:

    jesus this show is the worst, why did they think this was a good idea??

    • sea salt says:

      desperate for money

    • CARl says:

      @Fantastic Slimetastic they literally just sad “this show is bad”… no shit.

    • Heather M says:

      Oh man. I changed my opinion this show is garbage. It could’ve been good, but they lost me in their “moral” of the story.

      Like he didn’t respect basic boundaries. It’s so easy to say “hey babe, I was thinking of putting our relationship in my standup, wanna read my bit to see if you like it have any thoughts on it?”

    • Dog God says:

      @CARl Yes, and “This show is bad” is a comment many people agree with. Therefore it gets many likes. What are you expecting, people to “like” comments they DISAGREE with? Why are you so triggered by how many “likes” some random comment gets anyway, it’s not like it tangibly matters in any way.

    • CARl says:

      @Dog God no i am not saying people should disagree with something to get likes. I am saying that most comments say something funny or unique that adds to the video, but a verified account can say the most obvious shit that adds nothing to the video. That’s like if i said morgz is loud and annoying in the comment section of a 20 min video talking about how morgz is bad and get 1k likes.

  19. Johanna Scott says:

    scripted or not, this show is gross. the message it sends out is disgusting. if someone leaves you, you have to STALK them and find out why, even if it’s been wayyy too long since you’ve dated.

  20. a name says:

    This is probably staged but that doesn’t change the fact that people like these exist. People who have suffered having a toxic stalker, people who think stalking and harassing their crush will make them fall in love with them. This show is portraying horrible and toxic real life situations but instead of denouncing them it excuses them and makes them seem innocent and romantic. It’s disgusting.

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