Mulatto – BeatBox “Freestyle” [Official Video]

Mulatto – BeatBox “Freestyle” [Official Video]

Mulatto – BeatBox (Freestyle) [Official Video]

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79 Responses

  1. DraeDaGreat says:

    Who here before 1million 👀

  2. Tianna O’Quinn says:

    i already know this shit about to be good😭

  3. zakm4n says:


  4. lizzy a. says:

    after the xxl freestyle nobody can touch her🥴

  5. lattowrld says:

    she never failed me 😩 she eats everytime!!!

  6. Keeanna jones says:

    Ima just say dam* she killed it even tho I ain’t hear it yet 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. BigDaddyCaine says:

    Claim your BIG LATTO ticket here before 1 million

  8. Fernando Aguilar says:

    Todos los Latinos que Amamos a Queen Mulatto

  9. DoraGames says:

    It should be illegal to be this pretty, like fr

  10. poppa says:

    Is It just me or Is every rapper doing the “beatbox freestyle challenge” now ? 😭

  11. Isaiah Beckford says:

    She always kills🤏🏽don’t play with her she is not one of them!!!

  12. BoujieBaddiez says:

    who else got sad when they find out the song was to short?

  13. LAIONNA says:

    LATTO said “Not even Lori can” 🥴🔥

  14. lizzy a. says:

    she said, “who cut a nig off quicker than me not even lori can.”😭💀

  15. cashoutgxdsxm_1 says:

    I waited 3 mfkin extended hours for this short ass song. STILL FYE THO

  16. Ariana Norman says:

    she said “told you he don’t eat but to this, 😽 he gone beat box 😩.”

    • Patina Edochié says:

      Yesss betta make that thang sang okkk 😝😂😭👅🤤😫🎶💦🌊👌🏽💯

    • Miss Royalty says:

      I know I’m not at her level yet but I am a new 16 year old rapper and would really love if you could check my song out, if you like what you hear put your friends on, I work too hard not to get noticed 😭😭 I even did a remix to a mulato song, and to beat box.

  17. Life of Bre says:

    “ and ain’t nothing big about y’all h- so if yo name ain’t Latto don’t put BIG in front of it” ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  18. Sassy Diva says:

    Do not play with Big Latto, she is not the 1 or the 2 🥰👐🏽If her name not Latto, don’t put BIG in front of it!!!

  19. Its_taeri .j says:

    “showed him the end of the road, ian into turning boys to men”

  20. Tik Tok It says:

    Show them the end of the road. I ain’t into turning Boyz 2 Men 🔥

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