Mulatto – No Hook (Official Video)

Mulatto – No Hook (Official Video)

Mulatto – No Hook out now!:

Director: John Tashiro
Producer / DP: Diesel Films
Creative Producer: Loies Kim
Camera Op: Profit
Gaffer: Jeff of MiVisuals

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52 Responses

  1. MyaXclusiveEnt says:

    “Feeling to black for the white folks”…sad to say but I felt that too🥴.

  2. Jasmine Harris says:

    She lost the relationship with her father damn

    • Itss ARTAMIS says:

      Yeah pepped that! It’s all apart of the process though

    • Han & Zy says:

      YourHighnessYourhighness actually young lyric should of won because she had the most followers in the house and she didn’t have anything wrong when she first rapped to jd she was only shy that’s it and she would appreciate it too . And when jd said your song is staying on YouTube forever he means it’s written in pen not pencil so when jd see this ummmm ……. yeah 😶

    • Terranaye Carter says:

      Chas’ Labree i watched a video a lot of them kids said the same thing about jd so them kids can’t be lying if they story all the same

    • Lis Hurd says:

      @Justice Desire If she sounds like the problem. Then you should clean out your ears.

    • Lis Hurd says:

      @Q-Benjamin Well said.

  3. Gi Gi says:

    NO LIE! I played this 5 times because it’s so hard, each time I played I hear a different part that goes HARD!! LOVE THIS MULATTO❤️

  4. Shelby Price says:

    She killed this. Currently Going through a bad breakup right now and when she said “this guy broke me now I’m picking up the pieces”… that shit hit.

  5. Mia Jordan says:

    “2 year relationship, that mf really owe me. Bitch I want my time back, bruises on my arm I had to hide that. I thought I was pregnant to this day im thinking God for that!” WHEW I relate to that too hard! You BODIED this!

  6. Priceless Renee says:

    She wanted to let y’all know she still got bars bars

  7. Destiney Lilly says:

    Is it me or her songs keep on getting better and better

  8. Langston Fantroy says:

    Wow her message is so powerful that’s wat I love about her she not just rapping she speaking her truth and I applaud you for that

  9. DODA NATION says:

    “Feelin too black for the white folks”…

  10. Just Using says:

    Nah, people gotta start taking her srsly now…

  11. Jenalisa Fernandez says:

    “I want my time back, bruises I had to hide that, thought I was pregnant .. everyday I thank God for that” 💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Tabriah Harris says:

    This is fire no cap. She telling her whole story to y’all. Everybody got hard times and everybody got good times. It’s too much hate in this world. Spread love to everybody while they are still here. When they gone, you are going to wish you fixed your relationship or friendship with that person. 🔥🔥🙏🏽🚫🧢

  13. Octavia Armstrong says:

    Dang, she went hard on this, I know she hate the rap game, that’s how I found her and follow her career, but I get it, let her grow up, she ain’t 15 anymore,

  14. Love Tiffanyjanise says:

    And that’s how you come for everything that they said you couldn’t have baby!! Come out swinging

  15. Queen Jeffries says:

    She got me mad at shit I haven’t been thru 😩

  16. Smoove Ke TV says:

    Who all admits she’s UNDERRATED ‼️


  17. Emani Fonts says:

    She went hard but I’m really tryna figure out how she fits alllll that hair under her wigs. Bodieddddd this.

  18. 1 Subscriber Before 2021 says:

    “I let a n*gga break me, now I’m picking up the pieces”. Ladies please stop letting these boys treat you however they want to. Set your boundaries and stick to them, if they don’t want to abide by that… let em go💯

  19. loreal tucker says:

    “As a kid feeling to black for the white folks” felt that part

  20. TuRi M says:

    “She used to be my dawg but now she telling all my business “ !!!

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