Mullet Engine Teardown Day 2 !!!

Mullet Engine Teardown Day 2 !!!

@CleetusM Engine is here and we tear it apart for you to see – Day 2

Next part will be posted soon!!!

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33 Responses

  1. Bullfrog says:

    “You guys caught me” Nothing gets past the professionally trained eyes of the YouTube comment section…Steve always addresses this stuff even though he owes zero explanation. Such a stand up dude

    • Bradley says:

      100% The only thing better than a true master at their craft is one that can admit when they were goofed and/or can change their opinion on something in light of new information. Seems like Steve really embodies both these things. And the fact that he’s confident enough in his skills and reputation that he’s not afraid to share all this with us plebs also says a lot about his mindset.

    • Matty England says:

      @B D Nope, SMX doesn’t have coolant.

    • B D says:

      @justin watch you sir are a troll hahahah

    • B D says:

      Would love to get one of the smx engines and only do 1000 horses to see if it will last 100,000 miles in a daily driver …

    • Jake Hamlin says:

      @Darnell NepiaYouTubers have a habit of doing more than the recommended passes on rods.

      The current world record for 1/8mile Hydraulic Roller LS is 4.12seconds at 180mph.
      Held by YouTuber John Doc with a TKM built engine, set the record with rods that had over 280passes on them, still made over 2200hp on the dyno too.

      Engine didn’t have any obvious problems but was torn down and refreshed after more than 300 passes.

      Although that engine’s longevity isn’t comparable to a drag/drive engine

  2. TheGeneral79 says:

    Steve, you put out a tremendous product to your customers. Seeing how this engine looks after watching Cleetus and the boys lean very hard on it just goes to show your attention to detail. Engine building is an art, and you are one hell of an artist.

  3. Stephen Boshears says:

    I don’t expect it to look this good in a year, cleater is pushing it way harder now than when it was installed and he’s going to be turning it up even more in the future.

  4. J Tuck says:

    This little tear down “miniseries” is awesome! Really enjoying it. Also shows the good quality of the parts and assembly on the engine. Nice job!!

  5. Alex Muro says:

    crazy how well it held up with the amount of abuse it went through, especially considering it was past the recommended lifespan. really a testament to how solid you build your stuff. really appreciate the deep dive on the refresh! learning so much from your videos.

  6. Stryker Enterprises LLC says:

    Sharing the cause and effect as well as the in depth detail signs of what you’re looking for in each part is greatly appreciated even if we don’t partake in racing any longer. It’s simply fascinating from a design and manufacturing perspective on something completely outside of our realm. Thank you and we really love the Dewey appearances! Cheers!

  7. David Russell -drmcclung1- says:

    Just throwing my own 2 pesos in; That IS very impressive longevity for what it is in that application. Goes to show how good oil, 3,000 road miles between passes plus the 150+ passes themselves helps keep things evenly worn. I love it when engine builders actually think their builds *all the way through* such as this one 👍 You’re a good dude Steve

  8. John says:

    Not gonna lie, this is my favorite science channel by far. Great job with the explanations, Steve, looking forward to the next one. 😎👍

  9. STiGuy says:

    Steve, I think a side by side comparison of THIS motor VS a SMX would be a great video. Like a physical side by side of the 2, going over the nuances of each. What makes either or good in certain applications

    • realondgas772 says:

      👆👆👆👆👆🎖🎖🎖🎉🎉🎁🎁text the name above.congrats you make it this tournament🎁🎁
      Dm and get your prize🤩

    • 54raceman says:

      @Lesley Boeder any of his competitors that wants to know what he’s doing inside of them has already had one tore apart in there shop that’s just how racing works. Stuff is only secret up until it leaves your shop

    • M K says:


    • Robert Gordon says:


    • gnarkiller says:

      @Lesley Boeder he’s shown everything about the smx, it’s a water jacketed 481x.

  10. Lars says:

    Steve, thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us!

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