Multiplayer Pokemon is incredible

Multiplayer Pokemon is incredible


So TheHunterManX made multiplayer for Pokemon FireRed/Leafgreen. I got Atsign to add some nuzlocke stuff and BAM hardest Pokemon challenge I’ve ever done.

Thanks to @shadypenguinn for joining me 🙂

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49 Responses

  1. SmallAnt says:



  2. shadypenguinn says:

    This was a blast ❤

  3. Aihana Etsu says:

    The only thing that could potentially make this cooler is if all the battles were double battles that you fought together.

    • deadman says:

      @Jono Hartland I actually disagree, the having to grind added a lot of strategy to this with pp management. Do you want to go in underleveled with more pp or do you want an easy victory by using a bit more pp to train. I feel like the level cap is a bit arbitrary and takes away from the game where pp is more of a natural barrier to over leveling.

    • EBHaenger says:

      @Suityan3000 ohh my, thos could be famous last words right before a self destruct hits.

    • gothified says:

      @The Ma singles are more fun

    • Chequesaurus says:

      So lets go style lol

    • MADKapo says:

      Maybe not all the battles but only the important ones like Gym Leaders and Rival battles. I like that you can just skip some trainers and let the other player handle it.

  4. Jayyemi says:

    I love how Smallant has extremely in-depth knowledge of some aspects of Pokémon and other times he’s like “I thought Gligar was poison type because it was purple”

  5. Druppel says:

    That dead drowzee trade for a moltres with a revival herb is just lore.

  6. Jake Larynx says:

    Smant: *Trying to navigate a very difficult battle with a legendary
    Shady: “I took out a Jigglypuff and for some reason I’m very proud about that”

  7. DiscoZombie 2268 says:

    I find it mind blowing how far mods have gone in the last 2 years or so, allowing for online multiplayer in games that never had it. Mad props to the ones who figure this stuff out.

    • Michaël Poreil says:

      Trying to find this mod so I can play it with my friend I have found full MMO versions of Pokémon Fire Red and Soul Silver dating back to 2012-2016. Not saying it hasn’t made progress in the past 2 years, because this version looks much more user friendly than those older ones.

    • Kushal Goel says:

      @Burrito i really think its just a single comment you don’t gotta be that mad it’s just a game dude I’m not saying he’s right but just chill out my man

    • Raúl Hernández Sánchez says:

      @Nanni What? No, you seem to think adding mp to anything is easy.

      Without getting into much detail just look at how much time and resources Bethesda put into Fallout 76, if I remember correctly it took close to a year and a team of people just to add multiplayer functions to the Creation Engine and even then it came out full of bugs because the engine wasn’t meant to have any sort of online features.

      I would say obviously a 3d game and an old engine which wasn’t future-proof to add more features much less online is way more complex than pokemon, but still.

    • KingOfTheRevolution says:

      Just cause 2 has entered the chat

    • Burrito says:

      @Nanni everything sounds easy when you gloss over the difficult part and pretend it doesn’t matter.

      Patching multiplayer into old games is not a simple task. Yeah, it’s not some groundbreaking new technology, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t impressive and exciting for a niche fan project.

  8. Tommy Fenelon says:

    This is so cool, have been watching Shady since I was 14 or 15 (23 now) Have stayed subbed to him all these years but haven’t had as much time to watch recently. Saw this on recommend, so glad that another class of kids gets to enjoy his content, and thanks shady for the literal hundreds of hours of enjoyment. shady people for life!

  9. Seth Jones says:

    I’m really excited to see other people try this if it goes public!

  10. Nxghtmxre says:

    Sometimes it feel like Ant forgets he’s a YouTuber but then other times he drops amazing videos like this

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